Christmas 2007 Chemistry Gift Ideas for Children

Do you have a little Rocket Scientist in the making? A hidden Dexter’s laboratory in your basement? For the child who wishes they did, and for the parent who doesn’t know what to get them, I have some great gift ideas for all ages. My top ten picks are:

1. My First Chemistry Set- recommended for kids ages 4-16 years of age includes everything you child needs to get started experimenting.
This kit includes a microscope-100x-200x-450, prepared slide, blank slides, vials, a hand held magnifier, citric acid, baking soda,
measuring spoon, pipette, gelatin crystals, PH paper, a plastic instrument tray and a detailed instruction booklet that has activities ideas.
The set retails for around $20.

2. The Star Rocket- This is recommended for ages 8-16. This Star Rocket soars into the sky up to 300 feet at unbelievable speeds! It is
powered by baking soda and vinegar power. What is great about this is that it only takes a few minutes to assemble and you can launch it
over and over! This toy is a great introduction to chemistry and physics. The Star Rocket is under $25.

3. Bubble Gum Fun- What more can I say. What kid doesn’t love bubble gum? For kids ages 8-13, the Bubble Gum Fun kit is a great idea.
With this kit, your child will be able to amaze their friends, and will be entertained for hours on end. Plus, they will have a great learning
experience. The kit includes everything needed to make bubble gum as well as some fun facts, and retails for around $15.

4. For your little girl who is a scientist at heart, the Spa Science kit is sure to be a winner. This kit is appropriate for kids ages 9-16 and
includes essential Oils: Lavender & Peppermint, dried roses, glycerin bar and sea salt, plus all of the other accessories necessary for
creating fragrant bath gels, bath fizzer’s, spa lotion, bath balm, a face mask, and shampoo. What is unique about this kit is that the tub is
their laboratory! This kit costs under $20.

5. If your child was a fan of the show “Fear Factor”, then they might enjoy “Disgusting Science”. This is probably the grossest science kit
I’ve seen out there! With this kit, kids can grow yucky looking “friendly germs” and hairy molds. Kids can make fake blood and smelly
fake body parts! There is some science in here… they will learn the science behind unmentionable bodily functions while doing some
truly disgusting experiments. This kit is appropriate for kids ages 8-16 and costs under $25.

6. If you are looking for something for a younger child the perfect thing to get them hooked- Sea Monkeys! Appropriate for kids ages 4-7,
kids can follow simple instructions and watch their Sea Monkeys hatch and grow! Kits for Sea Monkeys range from the $10 to $15 range.

7. The Smithsonian makes a kit that lets kids grow their own crystals. Appropriate for kids ages ten and up, when finished mixing the
chemicals and casting the molds, they will have depending on the size kit you choose, 4-9 real crystals that they can proudly display. The
kits range in price from $15 to $30.

8. For kids ages 5 and up, one of the best things I’ve seen and something my kids absolutely LOVE, it’s called Electricity- by a company
named Science Wiz. This product has won many awards including: The Parent’s Choice Seal of Approval, 1996. Scientific American’s
Young Reader’s Book Award, 1996. National Parenting Magazine Award. Easy to use so kids can do it by themselves and fun too! The kit
sells for under $25.

9. Sunburst Yellow Thinking Putty-It’s a solid, it’s a liquid, it’s…What is it? This putty is heat sensitive, color-changing, and seems to have
rules all of its own. Thinking Putty can act as both a solid and a liquid. Push it gently with your finger, and it feels slimy; push it hard with
your palm, and it feels tough. It can bounce like a rubber ball, or smash like ceramic if you hit it on the sidewalk. It changes colors from
orange to yellow with temperature change. Provides hours of entertainment – and stress-relief! This is ideal for children ages 7 & up and
sells for under $10.

10. And one more for the little guys, it’s called “Floating Color Chemistry”. This is a bathtub toy that teaches kids about colors by mixing
different colors in test tubes that float, and makes their bath water fizz by adding tablets to the tubes. It is loads of fun! This toy is
appropriate for kids ages 3 to 10 and retails for under $15.

I sure hope this helps. As a parent of three I know what a struggle it can be to keep your child stimulated and interested in learning. Half of the struggle is making the learning fun!