Charles Darwin Beagle Unknown Facts

“I am turned into a sort of a machine for observing facts and grinding out conclusions.”  That’s how Charles Darwin had spent time proving that humans and some animals evolved. He also proved that certain species adapt due to how they find food and survive from predators. He was known worldwide for his theory of evolution. It was even taught in schools and universities. Everybody knows that he is a naturalist and wrote the famous “On the Origin of Species,” and “The Voyage of the Beagle.”

There are also funny, amazing and unknown facts about him that few have known it.

For instance he is a very curious man that he often saw different kind of animals during his journeys but he also wonders how they taste. When he was still in the University of Cambridge he joined this “Gourmet Club,” and once a week they would taste animal that is not in any menus. In his journey inside the Beagle he ate armadillos and agoutis, a kind of rodent. In Galapagos Island he ate iguanas and giant tortoises and liked them so much. He even took 48 of them inside the ship. In South America he ate puma and an ostrich-like bird called Rhea. He even ate an owl that this made him stop eating weird food.

Charles married his first cousin Emma Darwin. They had 10 children, three died when they were still infants and one died at the age of ten.

Another fact about him is that he almost didn’t make it to the Beagle. The captain of the ship wanted a gentleman who is well educated and has more knowledge in Science to accompany him as unpaid naturalist. The University of Cambridge suggested him to be in the voyage. The captain of the ship, Robert FitzRoy does not like the shape of the nose of Darwin. He could really judge the physical attributes of people but then he was convinced that he deserved to be in the Beagle.

The fact is still related to the journey of the Beagle. The captain of the ship named a mountain to him. It is called Mount Darwin which is the highest peak in Tierra del Fuego which is located in South America. This was for his 25th birthday.

Charles Darwin went to Edinburg University to study medicine but then he does not approve surgery and was afraid of blood so he neglected his studies but instead he studied divinity and became a clergyman which fitted him as naturalist. He became more interested in taxonomy and zoology.

From a devotee of Christianity, he turned against it and became agnostic. The reason was during the Beagle expedition, he saw slavery was rampant to the tribes Tierra del Fuego and asked God why he allowed this to happen. Another reason why he lost his faith was the death of his daughter, Annie. She had scarlet fever and died at the age of 10.

Many people know that the phrase “survival of the fittest,” came from him but in fact it was coined by Herbert Spencer, a philosopher. Darwin then used the phrase in his book “The Origin,” and gave the full credit to the philosopher.

He may be the Father of Evolution but still he is still a human just like everybody else. He may not perfect but at least he is still remembered until now and for the next generation due to his important contribution to science.