Book Reviews Origin of Species by Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin published the “Origin of Species”, it’s cataloged name is “The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, of the Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life”, in 1859. It quickly became a best seller, 150 years later people are still reading this controversial book.

The creation of the book was derived from hundreds of pages of notes, he took during a five year journey through South America on the ship called the “BEAGLE.” His observations allowed him to see first hand, how different species adopted to their environment. As well as the discovery of many plant and animals species.

After working on the book for two decades he received an alarming letter from a young man, who eventually went on to claim his own fame in the science field as a zoologist and naturalist. Alfred Russell Wallace. In the letter Darwin received was an outline almost identical to his almost completed book the “Origin of Species” alarming detailing his very own theory of Evolution, which is book his based upon. Later in Wallace’s life he did receive a minimal amount of credit for the theory of evolution, based on his own field finds and work in the respected area.

The “Origin of Species” covers a dozen topics, based on the theory of evolution. Oddly, Darwin makes no mention of man in his book in reference to any of the content. It strictly focuses on the animal kingdom.

The book, is a in-depth account of what Darwin’s account of the observations and conclusions he made during his journey they include: Extinction of certain species, Relationships between the different species, The classification of species, Animal instants (born knowing how to survive), the variation of nature (describes how species develop into groups allowing for the classification of species), Natural Selections (the mating process, speaking mainly of the male species and their difficulties in becoming the dominate male, allowing for stronger offspring to continue the population.) The struggle of existence (their struggle to survive by any means available, which inevitable, cross breeding occurs and a new type of species arrives. These are the core principals in the book.

I do remember the book as being an interesting concept, as it has been many years since I read it.. Darwin’s theory of evolution plays out nicely in the areas of animal survival and how new species come about.

As for the human race I’ll stick to the theory of creation!