Character trait of an animal

Have you ever really watched a working horse? We see them on racetracks running as fast as they can. They are in the Olympics where they jump or do special moves. Sometimes we see them pulling wagons, carriages and plows or being ridden on trails through the woods.

Horses come in different colors and sizes; some are strong, some are fast and some have fancy moves. But what all of these horses have in common is that they obey the person in charge. When the racehorse is asked to run, he runs with all his might. When a farm horse is asked to plow, he leans his shoulder into the yoke and heaves with all his strength. A trail horse follows the path he is told to, keeping himself and his rider safe.

What if that racehorse said to his jockey, “I’m kind of tired today and I don’t really feel like running.” Would he win his race? Would he ever be allowed to race again? Probably not.

And what if the work horse said to his owner, “I don’t feel like working today, I think I’ll just hang out with the herd.” No work would get done and he would not be relied upon to be a useful worker.

Like the horse we need to obey the people who are in charge. This may be our parents, teachers or coaches. If we do not obey then we are not helpful to them and may miss out on a great reward, like the show horse who won a trophy.

As a horse frolics out in the pasture, there is a time for us to rest and play. But there is also a time for us to do what we are told, to accomplish great things and be satisfied with a job well done.