Can we Separate Science from Ideology – Yes

science- from observation, dealing with a body of facts. (Webster’s),partial, ideology-a body of doctrine, guides an individual. (Webster’s),partial.-established society has coined words to establish extra-ordinary circumstances, to live an idea, though learned expressions build community. science in the realm of a group, a group of categories may keep facts,as a library and its system, math the group that agreed.
the formulas of belief the facts that come from observation, that is fact. the whim of a thinking session, the process of the agreeable, and circumstances, from not being learned, as to do math attempting to evaluate statistics- the leaving out of facts that has been gathered; the limiting approach of a known truth, hoping ideologies, as an idea being documented, and feeling as some could leave out truth. science is the justice of whom everyone benefit’s only to the resourceful. so to whom does science share the ideology letters fragmented together to coin a word to show truth, and relevancy so science without an idea to build on would have started with a construction ideology first,and,science comes after the process of lively existence extends from a thought of, in which could make for a good project to come together, think you cans making history.
the reason why i believe ideology comes before application of science, the medium, the help me if you can, and a science being culture, due to learning, i believe in writing, and, have learned to discuss, and, to declare, like a category of listings from the public, like “public affairs”, the permission being granted, to be aware of the planted, hollering where history planted flowers, the vegetation for free society is ideological.