Can we Separate Science from Ideology – Yes

Yes, we can seperate science from ideology.

An ideology is a collection of ideas. From this definition, using it strictly, Science is not a ideology.

Instead, Science is really a methodology. It is a process we use to collect accurate information about our environment. The earliest known well-defined form of this method was developed by polymath scientist Ibn al-Haytham in the 9th century, and reached western scientists like Bacon and Kepler. Galileo introduced quantitative measurements into the method, where its unparalleled success caused it to be quickly adapted into natural philosophy, the predassesor of science. The process, now called the scientific method, is still used today, and is the source and strength of all scientific facts.

However, we also use the term “Science” as an ideology. We usually call the organization of ideas that makeup physics, chemistry, and biology as sciences. In acedemia these are refered to as “hard sciences”. This is because the term “science” is incorrectly used to describe the ideologies of mathematics, engineering, computers, psychology, sociology, and library, to name a few. These ideologies do not rely on the scientific method to collect data and verify ideas.

To distinguish sciences from ideologies – just ask one simple question: does its ideas depend on the Scientific Method? Let’s Check:

Mathematics – No. Mathematics uses axioms and operations.

Engineering – No/Partial. We don’t use the scientific method in designing a circuit or building a bridge. Engineers are already expected to know the formulas and apply them effectively the first time. Remember the formulas and data come from physics, chemistry, or biology, which are true sciences because they use the scientific method to build data and ideas.

Computers – No. Computer ideologies are a mixture of engineering and methematics. No one uses the Scientific Method to write a program orunderstand binary operations.

Psychology – No/Partial. Psychology uses a method model very close to a Scientific Method but not close enough. Also, for psychology to be a true science, it would have to start from the a biological basis, just like chemistry start from a physical basis, and biology starts from a chemical basis. Psychology would have to start from neurons, then to classes of neuronal circuits, and onwards. Psychology, at the moment, uses more theories NOT based clearly on observations (which science requires).

Sociology – No/Partial. It is in the same boat as Psychology.

Library – No. It obviously does not need to use the Scientific Method.