Biology Books for Teens

Biology is such an interesting subject that even teens can be interested in it. And rightly so, as there are recent books available this Christmas holiday for kids and teens to choose from. Let’s start from the top and work our way down on the biology books to see which ones grab your attention the most. These books vary from new releases within 2010 or are slightly older releases, but still fresh and up to date. All the books are fun and should be very enjoyable for teens as well as accessible for kids and adults!

Evolution: How We and All Living Things Came to Be – Daniel Loxton (2010)

This book is fantastic for kids and teens, it discusses evolutionary biology in an easy going fashion, and colorful illustrations are abound, with many explanations for what your teen may be pondering. Being an excellent primer for teens wanting to learn more about evolution by natural selection, this book is a rich experience. It’s as simple as it can be without being any simpler. I highly recommend this book as the perfect gift for an excited teen.

Evolution (DK Eyewitness Books) – Linda Gamlin (2009)

This is another good book that covers the subject of evolution and explains the basics of natural selection, as well as demonstrating many interesting animals.  The book does digress though remains directly within its biological theme and explores other areas of interest. This is an excellent book for the parent who has a teenager asking questions about the subject of biology or evolution as it answers these questions clearly.

The Usborne Illustrated Dictionary of Biology (Illustrated Dictionaries) – Corinne Stockley (2007)

This book is an interesting encyclopedia for teens to look through and learn about various topics in biology. Everything is broken down into small bite-sized chunks that are easy to grasp. There are many illustrations and fun topics to enjoy. This is an interesting book that will be flipped through many times through the books life!

Biology: Life as We Know It – Dan Green, Simon Basher (2008)

This book explains biology in an interesting way using characters to represent biological terms. These characters then describe themselves to the reader. There are plenty of illustrations and fun examples, though the book may be basic for teens already in upper grades of high school. This is the type of book that helps teens develop many questions and learn many answers, definitely recommended.

Open Me Up – DK Publishing (2009)

This book presents a fantastic explanation for human physiology in comic book form, ranging from a display of super heroes to villains. This book is fantastic for anyone who is interested in the human body and wants to learn about it in a fun way. A creative experience in physiology and biology for everyone who opens it up!