Being alone how to Live alone being alone and okay Living alone and Liking it being Part of Life

Living alone is not possible.  If you breathe air, drink water, and or eat anything grown in soil, you are not just one thing, but a collection, and many parts of many things.  There is no separation in the natural world.  All separation, is in the human mind.  We create it, and the suffering that goes with it.  Let us make a distinction between living alone, and being alone.

If you live alone, that is only one human in your home, you may fall prey to loneliness, but although you feel alone, you never really are.  There are many others like you, and all of us wear that face that we keep in a jar by the door.  When there is a knock upon that door, we put on our smiley face.

Where does that face come from?  It comes from our strong, innate desire to be with others of our kind.  We all fear rejection, we all want to put on the face that will invite and even delight, anyone who shows up, even the pizza guy.

Yes, there are cases of misanthropic people who snarl and sneer at everyone, but one can be certain they learned that as a defense mechanism, by constant rejection usually, or by falling into a mind story that told them he/she is an outsider, and will never belong.

A baby given smiles, encouragement, and delighted cooing will respond in kind. So will any living thing that is given nurturing.  Nurturing is what makes us as good as other organisms, it is only our mind-made prisons that make us otherwise.

We are now caught on a treadmill world where we must prove our adequacy, or buy more products to prevent our inadequacy daily. We must perform at work, we must always be enthusiastic and energetic.  There are pills, potions and drinks to re-vitalize.

Only true immersion into our origins can truly energize a broken spirit.

Nature replenishes and restores.  She cleans our water, air, soils, and more without our nagging, begging, or without our appreciation.

When this changes, when all of humankind senses the reversal in thinking that is now awakening millions of people world wide to our origins and our garden, a new earth emerges that connects.

Loneliness will cease to be, but of course living alone is always an option.

Living alone, once a person realizes they are completely inter-dependent upon all vegetable, mineral, and animal, is a perfectly acceptable option.

In fact, living alone in the sense of realizing that you dwell in a self-contained place is good. But one must never forget there is no aloneness that can be without others to create the very walls, be they former forests, or clays, and that there is no independence other than that won by our acceptance that we all need each other.