Beginning the Searh for the Theory of everything University Degree Ssou

Beginning the search on the theory of everything. Some-one with a great mind once said that, “we only begin to learn when we realize we know nothing.” At least this is a good beginning, to start searching for something. So lets start with Zero. Graphically written as ‘O’. Oh…? Oh, is usually the point of realization. Well that’s a start.

We realize there must be ‘something’. So, if we just keep the word ‘thing’, and instead of ‘some’ added to it, lets try to simply add ‘every’. Just like that we have ‘everything.’ Is this how the theory of everything came about? There is another way. Stay with just the words we started with. 1=nothing. 2=something. 3=everything. The word ‘thing’ remains constant, but we have 3 x equations, in the ‘no’-‘some’-and ‘every’.

Lets see where all three bring us to. We can dissect them. ‘No’ can be used in many ways. Without getting to bogged down in the many, lets stay with the simple. No means no. No thank you. No good. No way. It has to be the negative or opposite to to a positive. No votes… out… gone! So just for now, lets see it as a three-way ‘thing’ we are looking at. As given above.

From ‘some’, we reach an unspecified of ‘something’. Anything! OK… another tiny word has popped in: ‘any’. So we don’t have to get ourselves in a knot as to what this ‘any’ is, because it can be ‘anything’. Anything of ‘something.’ It’s somewhere in between, ‘nothing’ and ‘everything’. Lets just call it the link to, or the neutral equation, of the three. Would it be right to even be so bold as to think that some where between ‘nothing’ is ‘something’ ? Sounds to me me we are getting somewhere.

Already there are ‘links’ to just the word ‘everything’. I wonder if we were to be even bolder, as this is a theory of science, to assume that ‘every’ (being an individual part of a group of anything,) becomes the entire, complete of no+some=every? So ‘every’ is within either a range of being ‘no’ or the ‘some’. Obsolete, or Absolute. One could use the ‘no’ as the negative and change it to the positive, by saying “no, it is not Obsolete !” Or, change the positive to negative and say ” no, it is not Absolute !”

So really, ‘no’ is the Di-no = twice, double, twofold, the combining factor like two atoms, the radicals. Like the group dioxide. The root or basic principle, or the foundation. The free radical leading to group = ‘some’. The Radical sign becoming the square root of an equation. All this out of just the word ‘no’! Leading to combinations of ‘x = some’. Which in essence there can never be ‘nothing’. Because in the very word there is already the beginning of ‘something’. So ‘nothing’ can ever be obsolete, as there is always ‘something’ equal to it’s joint equation.

It’s like a tree without roots. We would not have the branches. But if there was no tree, somewhere there has to be its equal, so in essence, there is ‘no’ one tree, but at least ‘some’ other trees. If you think this is a bushman’s approach to the equation of everything, stick around. Even one tree, has many branches, elements: and in itself is ‘everything’ about what a tree is absolutely supposed to be! Just in a mere 579 words. 5 + 7 + 9 = 21. The key to this is 3. Just in these 579 words we’ve gone from ‘nothing’ to ‘everything’. We were using only 3 equations. This 3, is the square root of 9

The absolute sum of units. The Pi of mathematical total. The total is more than one, it has become ‘some thing’, and in this case the total or absolute of it’s square root. In all this, we have been dealing with equations. From ‘nothing’ to ‘something’ to ‘everything’.

In the Pi, the Greek 16th letter of their alphabet, we have the ratio of the circumference to the circle. O Oh ! The ratio is interestingly, a transcendental number, having a value rounded to 8 x decimals. (The figure 8 next to that of O, are the two most complete of all 9 numbers.) Our figure 9, the end of where the decimal, or deca, can only go into the 10’s. But… without getting too caught up in all this headiness which began out of ‘nothing’ = O is a bushman’s equation of the transcendental value being rounded to 8 x decas = the ratio itself :a transcendental number having a value rounded to eight decimal places. That’s Greek!

So, let’s do it in double Dutch for short. We can reach a transcendental decimal quantity just by 16 to the valance of 8: eg. 3.4437376 doing the same, which becomes a transcendental value of 8 decimals. That’s pretty close to the Greek of 3.14159265. That’s only O.302145 difference. The key to this = 6. Is this the missing link within the theory of everything?

Now look into the word, and the theory of traveling at 2 x speed of Light.

OK, there can be ‘nothing’ beyond the transcendental… or can there be? That must be the Ultimate, Absolute, the ‘everything’ where we began this theory. How many pages does it take science to come to this conclusion? This has been 2 paragraphs over 1 x A4. We’ve come full circle. That has to be ‘everything’. We come into the circle. The 360 degrees. This too = 9 where the square root is 3 ! Coincidence?

Now tell me how a tree isn’t ‘everything’ of that tree. Tell me it grows at infinitum to it’s absolute, given the chance to survive. Yet, it doesn’t go anywhere but back to where it came from, rotting into the ground it grew out of. Becoming in time, ‘one with’.

‘Everything’ is linked. No element can be without it’s link to the other. Don’t let me start on the elements, or I’ll be singing the music of the spheres. The harmonics of everything related to it’s vibrational force. I repeat… ‘Everything’ is linked. You cannot have Light without Sound. Sound without Vibration. Vibration without movement. Movement without…. Well, just one tiny example. So ‘minor’ it’s almost musical !

O no… Did you know that Nobelium, the Element, was named after Alfred Nobel, of the ‘Nobel Prize’? Everything is linked. Even Names, and Human Beings. Nobelium’s atomic number is 102. This means the key to this number is 3. Didn’t we start off with three equations in the search of the theory of everything? If I keep going at this rate we will have started on ‘Everything is Linked Theory!’ Sorry… Fact. By the way, I might be a bushman. I have my University Degrees. But remember me if there’s a Nobel somewhere in here… Please? It’s over to you now. Over and out to the theory of everything.

Maybe with just 3, 6, 9 = 18 = 9 we cannot escape the square root of the double Dutch 3 in 1.
Sounds a bit like a Holy Trinity! The Holy Grail? The Whole thing from nothing to everything theory.

*S & SOTU = Degree in Sanity, and Science of the Universe.