More Math Equations

Yea right – you want me to believe that someone wants to read more about math equations. Haha. I didn’t think there was anyone else out there like me.

This is probably one of the most common responses. Don’t you think? Yea right…

If you can understand the concept of one plus one – then you don’t need to know anymore math equations than that one. Mathematicians and physicists spend their whole careers searching for any and ever way that they can make this one equation come true.

You don’t need more equations.

However…if you want more math equations, then follow me…

My favorite math equation – if someone were to ever ask me, would be the Euler equation. I learned about this equation in Calc two class a few years ago. At quick glance, it has just about every basic math function there is. Lets think about this.

It has the exponential in it. Then there is the multiplication function, followed by the addition function. All of this is of course followed by the symbol of equivalence, which is equated to zero.

There are an awful lot of equations out there. But that’s good. That means that we have a very high level of understanding – or at least we think we do. Every equation is just a very simple statement. Now rather that statement is logically intuitive or not is of another matter.

This is all of course relevant, if you wanted to know more about math equations.

Thanks for hanging with me.