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About Global Warming Nowadays, global warming are becoming heavier and heavier, many people are the victims of this environmental problem. It is the fact that global warming is going to lead to a rise in human-beings’ sickness and death. According to a report, owing to the climbing average temperatures, there are at least 20,000 Europeans in August in 2003.It’s an astonishing number for every person so that we should do some actions to solve this problem. I think there are several key affected by global warming as follows: AIR we are used to thinking of industrial and traffic pollution as having a detrimental effect on air quality. WATER and INSECTS are also the problems of which can affect global warming. Don’t deny it anymore; we need to stop global warming! Don’t deny that we are causing global warming; we need to stop global warming before it is too late. America and other governments do not want to admit they are the cause because they do not want to pay to fix the problem. They are hoping Nature will fix the problem and it will all go away or they hope that our children or grandchildren can solve the problem. We need to incorporate that famous statement “The buck stops here” and fix the problem.

Facts to be accepted On Global Warming Global warming is a realistic threat to the very existence of life on earth. The unprecedented rise in earth’s average temperature is a cause for worry. Moreover, the rise in temperature is projected to continue in the same rate, if some urgent steps are not taken immediately. Global warming has already affected the pattern of climate in many places. Many of the recent floods, hurricanes and tsunamis are known to be a direct result of this phenomenon. Global warming is also contributing to the gradual rise in sea level in many places around the world. A collective effort on the part of all us is what is needed to stop global warming.
Can Global Warming Usher in the New Ice Age? It’s quite possible that global warming may cause the new Ice Age. This paradox can be explained briefly in that the Gulf Stream current and the North Atlantic Drift (both are major warm-water currents in the northern hemisphere in the Atlantic Ocean) heat up the air around them which in turn prevents the temperature from dipping precipitously. However, with the currents being salt-based and with the rising temperatures causing massive ice melts, the onslaught of fresh water will dilute the salt therefore eliminating the warming effect of the two currents. Once these currents are shut down, the temperature will drop precariously in the northern hemisphere thus possibly ushering in another Ice Age.
For many years we have lived with a blind eye towards the many atrocities that are going on in this world.Please visit our site for A Dream for Better world and for Global Warming