Astrology is it a Science

Physical Astrology

The necessity of raising the awareness that a human enterprise is actually a chapter of Science has never been more stringent than it is now for Astrology. With Astrology rests the future of Science and, we might say, the future of our species on this planet. Fact is, however, that scientifically Astrology, as it stands now, is of no consequence. It cannot go beyond the simple geometry of the charts, and thus cannot place itself into the safe hands of Mathematics like, for instance, any branch of Theoretical Physics or Astronomy. Then, again, this is the whole problem: not too many people see how Mathematics (besides the usual Geometry used in elaboration of charts!) can get involved in Astrology. This is what we want to explore here briefly. Put it simpler, we just want to explore the possible foundation of what we would like to call Physical Astrology.

People are a little unfair though: the only criterion of truth applied in judging Astrology is that given by our senses. Physics or Astronomy have the benefit of some other criteria, based on Logic for instance, but not Astrology: it is not granted such a luxury. Then again, Physics and Astronomy have that right due to their history: they contributed to the very development of Mathematics, so that it may seem that the right bestowed upon them is well deserved. Still, why obstinately refuse the same right to Astrology? The answer seems immediate: the Astrology has nothing to do with Mathematics, which is the universal language of explanations of all speculative sciences.

I can solve the equation of Laplace, for instance, and I can find a solution that represents nothing more than a fiction, like the equation itself. However this fiction contains all I know about the gravitational force in the empty space. This completely speculative process has credibility because if I apply that force to two material points, I can describe the motion of a planet around Sun, and this motion is in concordance with astronomical observations. Based on this I can say that the gravitation exists, and when I am asked how come, I can answer that it is manifested by a force in any point of space. I don’t think there is an inquisitive spirit ever going beyond this point. However, just in case there is one, I can elaborate further by saying that if I have two bodies in two different points of space, a force will be noticed between them as manifested by their relative motion.

However, based on Mathematics I cannot say, for instance, that there is a universal spirit pervading the space, because I have no equation which would produce a solution having the meaning of spirit. Not even at least in a particular case. This is why Astrology is always judged according to our bare means to prove the truth, and these are our senses. Had we have the possibility of an “astrological equation” taking us beyond words, the things would be perhaps changed today.

Ironically, when the time came for adoption of such universal spirit, it came with the Science not with Astrology. The Science though, refuses Astrology the right of the claim that they both are referring to the same thing. I am talking here about the old concept of Ether. Even today the Science is undecided if the Ether is here to stay or we must give it up. But the Astrology is not invited for an opinion. Anyway, even if invited it cannot offer us more than the regular platitudes served by astrologers to their clients, and those cannot be taken as proof of existence of the Ether.

Physics itself is a little confused about this concept of Ether, so let’s insist on it. The modern Ether appeared from the necessity of explanation of the action at distance: one couldn’t see, for instance, how the Sun acts on a planet without a material medium between them. Soon enough, more precisely when the light had to be explained, it was realized that the Ether thus conceived has to have very special properties, some of them contradictory. Thus, as a material medium it has to be very stiff enough, in order to accommodate the huge speed of light. On the other hand, it allows material bodies to pass freely through it, which is contrary to any notion of stiffness. Something so stiff is actually thought of as impenetrable.

Obviously, such a material cannot exist, according to human phenomenological criteria, so the reaction appeared in two ways. On one hand, the materialists sustained the point of view that the Ether simply doesn’t exist. To their point of view it was given full satisfaction with the electromagnetic theory of light and, later on, with the theory of Special Relativity, a direct consequence of the electromagnetism of matter. There were however, and still are, moderates among scientists. They think that the Ether is not Matter. It is fairly hard for Science to accept another category besides Matter and the absence of Matter, i.e. Vacuum. So, the idea was not taken very seriously. However, the Astrology was not invited to an opinion.

Well, it invited itself, in the very subordinate way it invites itself today: the scientists discovered Ether, therefore the Ether exists, and justifies our existence! But the astrologers were forced to add: it is the subtle fluid that transcends our senses. That explained why the Science couldn’t offer credibility to the concept of Ether. It was the same situation as today: there are astrologers offering their services in channeling the influence of dark matter or of the galactic nucleus. There are many people to pay for such services

It so happens that, from physical point of view, something that transcends our senses must indeed exist, at any rate, besides Matter and Vacuum. Otherwise even the existence of Matter, known to us through our senses, could not be justified. Thus, an accidental statement, intended for self defense, could easily be transformed into a fundamental law, had the Astrology have the dignity of supporting its own opinions. Well, we can declare this now, having the benefit of three centuries of Physics and Technology. Therefore we must give Astrology some credit, because even today there are people that try to justify the existence of Ether based on electromagnetic theory of light. This is, in fact, not a justification, but a sort of proof that the electromagnetic theory is not in contradiction with the existence of Ether.

What would then be the right approach of the Physical Astrology? Simply this: the Ether exists and transcends our senses. Then, it can be proved scientifically that electromagnetic radiation is a physical expression of this fact, therefore the electromagnetic radiation is a proof of the existence of Ether. The space-time electromagnetic theory can all be inferred from this simple statement which makes Astrology a veritable branch of Science.