Asteroids and their Impact on Planet Earth

Who Rules The Earth? The Planets or Mankind?

The Planets Fighting Back

Do we seriously think we could win?

This is not even a chicken and egg situation, where mankind could argue that we were on Planet Earth first. The Planets existed way before the first tiny ape drew breath.

The World is waking up from a long and deep slumber. Earth is sad; it never had to be like this. But imagine the scenario; what would you do if you had disrespectful tenants who trashed the priceless and irreplaceable spaces you “Let” to them?

I know what I would do, I would evict them. I would attempt this first by asking them nicely, if that did not work, I would use the necessary force required in removing them and preventing such liberties from ever occurring again in the future.

Ok, so now, I think you are beginning to catch my drift. I am sure that I need not remind you that;

We have polluted and farmed our Oceans and Magical SeaWorld ruthlessly, we have spewed bricks and cement upon our fresh beautiful fields until we have destroyed lush green and replaced it with bleak urban grey, we allow our fat round factory bottoms to fart harmful gases relentlessly into the skies, poisoning us alongside our wildlife, and at this shameful time we produce more non degradable waste than at any other recorded in the history of man.

Yet we all tell our kids that we love them and delight in helping them to envisage their futures. What Future? No Planet. No Us.
It is unfortunate that the Media is known as “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” one too many times because nobody really believes the grave danger we continue to put ourselves in. I know they are trying to tell us now but we rarely believe anything that appears on the cold metal screens we all huddle around for comfort.
All I see are reports on Terror and what “might be” we are feeding it all.
We are the biggest terrorists of all.

I am so ashamed that I hold my head down and apologize to the trees every time I walk into Kew Gardens. I pray that this article will get published so that I feel I have tried to do my bit along with the re-cycling.

You see, I am also guilty of the crimes I speak but my dear brothers and sisters; ignorance is no excuse in the eyes of “The Law”. I am not talking about the ego driven carcasses we created, made and named The Law; like the Government, The Police or The Media. I am talking about The Planets. They are the only Law in existence that yields any real Power;

The Floods have arrived and more are coming; is not the Moon known to be the “Mother” of the universe? She who swells the tides of the Seas at the end of every month is like the swollen breast that gives the milk that gives life.

She, who also draws upon the emotions of all beings, has the power to take it all away.

The Sun, is known as our Creator, like The Father. Is he not turning up the heat on The Planet? We really think we can estimate how much time humankind has left? Who are we? Father has a plan, he will melt that Antarctic ice to cause the floods and then Mother Moon will draw them to her to wipe us out as swiftly as possible

Pluto is also having fun, he motivates what seethes beneath the surface like fire and fury and he is encouraging the volcanoes to erupt, “Come out and play” imagine the carnage Krakatau and Pompeii delivered, then times that force by 100. Now that’s Power, does that not make buying mortal votes sound pathetic?

We really think we are in control? Science needs to be in control. It already is but we are still coming to terms with it. Astrology needs to be respected and used to save us. This is a war we quickly need to hold up the white flag to. We will never ever win this one.

When I watched the news on ITV last week and saw the report on Global Warming, it sent a chill down my spine and made me feel more frightened than I have ever been before. I saw the man building his Noah’s Ark and prayed to be able to fund the building of my own.

We can act, so why aren’t the powers that be doing more? Why am I still seeing hundreds of adverts for mobile phones but only the odd bland one on how we can save energy and make a difference? Why isn’t Steven Spielberg directing the adverts for “Operation Save the Planet” have you seen his films? What we have coming would make the best science fiction thriller ever. Too bad nobody will be left to collect the Oscars.

Why isn’t our money being used to build eco friendly houses? Silly me, I forgot, we are building super casinos instead. This is Armageddon yet Las Vegas continues to turn its light on every night and paint on that superficial smile that entices money out of each mug that gambles.

London, well, it’s a long time since we led anything, I think the last time was when Maggie Thatcher ruled. U.K should change its name to O.K. We follow suit like sheep and advertise our new gambling Mecca that will earn even more for the “Money” and Power hungry Government “The People” voted in.

“Money”? What a joke? See how long you can see the queens head for when the deadly molten from the volcanoes’ hit or when the floods take her head under the sea to breath alongside the Whales in the waters that speed to engulf our houses.

“The People”? What a joke? When was the last time we were consulted on anything?

Enough is enough. We must stand up. The Futures of our children depend upon it.

The Government is still fighting over who holds the title while The Directors of “The Show” that we call life are getting ready to pull the plug after a unanimous vote. Human beings are an infestation.

ENOUGH! Tony Blair, stop fighting over Frodo’s ring. Stand down and accept that you have failed. Stop waiting to go out on a high. Let go. Now use your party as a democracy, we don’t want a dictator. Pull International Scientists and Astrologers to Westminster to enlighten your scandal ridden, ego driven politicians; because none of you have a clue how to save us. You cannot bribe yourself out of this one.

Wake up Wake Up, Mankind is depending on it, The Planets will be still be here long after we are gone.