How the Evolution of Man Changed Planet Earth

When we think of evolution of man, we think of Charles Darwin. His theory of evolution says that man evolved from the apelike ancestor. “Modern man” evolved around 40,000 years ago. Ever since man has ‘come’ into planet Earth, life on Earth has changed.

Animals, plants and the environment depend on one another to provide a balance on planet Earth. Not much was changed on planet Earth until the Iron Age onwards. Trees began to be chopped down effectively. Forests were cleared to build houses and other buildings for man to live in. Better tools make it easier for man to hunt down animals as a food to survive.

Animals other than the humans were labeled as a lower class. Man gained control of the Earth since they are able to capture and hunt down animals with their available tools. More importantly, Man has a brain that can develop things which animals cannot. As a result, the ecology has been upset when Man causes a drastic change and even result in the extinction to certain species.

Balance can still be since during the Iron Age. However, during the industrial revolution in the late 18th century, coal and oil were used rapidly in huge amount. This depletes the natural resources on Earth and at the same time damaging the environment. Global warming has thus become a problem faced by the Mankind, and more other environmental problems like soil contamination, melting of ice cap, drought and floods evolved. Medical problems such as AIDS, Bird flu, Mad cow diseases’ have been brought into our life due to man himself.

More damages were done to the environment and the species of animals in the last 50 years. Other than damages brought by Man, we have seen beautiful buildings and structures built all over the world and plenty of interesting technology being developed. Man can now communicate with one another in a much lesser effort and the world has been connected in a beautiful way. Man has also brought about high technology in the medical field to solve the problems faced by mankind. Also, Man has the ability to explore planets other than planet Earth.

Hence, be it good or bad, the evolution of man has brought about dramatics changes to the planet Earth.