Are there more than three States of Matter in our Multi Dimensional Universe – Yes

Besides the obvious facts regarding the most recently discovered fourth state of matter, explained in J.G.R.’s “Yes” article on, Plasma… Try to clear your mind and imagine for a moment the vastness of our universe, which the world’s top scientific communities now clearly understand and agree to be multi-dimensional.

Yes, the world’s top scientists now profess that the universe is much like pages in an infinite book and the difference from one page to the next is most likely to be as little as one sub-atomic particle! This is more than just a great discovery as it offers a whole new meaning and serves to provide a much clearer understanding of true reality and infinity for our limited, human minds to begin to comprehend!

I am confident that the day will arrive where it will be commonplace for mankind to reach deep (current, past and future) into these infinite layers of parallel universes. At that point, we will come to realize that finding intelligent life will take a back seat to discovering more and more states of matter. Because, as a side note, by the time this happens we will probably have already discovered dozens of other intelligent civilizations.

I say this because quantum physics now proves to us that matter itself really has no mass and this *changes all the rules! Particles we once viewed in past years (because we did so in a frozen, two dimensional state) we believed them to be solid. Now we understand that when in motion (or true reality and not in a “snapshot” state) those particles exist as a frequency wave and NOT as a solid mass at all! So, *as a frequency wave (vibrating at a given speed, whatever it may be) the particle itself (particles we are made up of, for example!) is void of mass (as far as we can perceive) and therefore occupies no space! This changes our understanding of everything as we once knew it to be and knowing this also offers us limitless possibilities for new discoveries!

Food for thought: remember “quantum” signifies an amount, or “how much” and when you consider particles in motion, thing change drastically!

So, the “reality” that we perceive as humans seems to have mass to us, because what we seem to observe from our current perspective are densely packed particles. However, if we were able to shrink ourselves down by say a few hundred billionths (for example) we would begin to see that all we perceived before actually has no mass at all, because we would be passing right through everything we previously thought to be solid! Just by doing that alone (shrinking our perspective by a few hundred billionths) we may even discover another state of matter on that level! Who knows, maybe even the “glue” that actually connects everything together!

Let’s think about Dark Matter for just a second, for all intents and purposes, could we not consider that a different state of matter right there? At this juncture, we don’t know if it is a solid, liquid or gas (we may very well end up determining it to be some form of plasma, as it may emit a charge we are yet unable to measure at this point in time). Or it could even be deemed as the fifth state of matter, WOW!

Now imagine we shrink our perspective down to take up the space of only a few hundred billionths of a single dark matter particle… Think of the possibilities for discovering another state of matter there! Can you begin to see where I am going with this?

So, my point being, that after all these years of only having three states of matter (and just a few short years ago, scientists would have argued to the death, that it’s impossible to have any other state besides solid, liquid and gas) and then so recently realizing that there is indeed a fourth state, could there not be more “states of matter” out there? Of course there are!

With the discovery of the universe being multi-dimensional, it’s time for us all to open our minds to any and all possibilities we could never, ever imagine now and in the past. It is very important to condition ourselves at this point with all we know and all we discover every day to stop saying “NO” and just continue to ask more questions of the universe. The answers will come. It’s our baby (we live in it) and we came from it and most importantly it is as alive as we are (if not much more so!). So, if we want to know anything about it, it will be our privilege to know and in turn it will tell us what we want to know. The trick is to always have the burning desire to know, stop saying no and keep asking questions!

Remember, just a few, short years ago we thought that we were living at the center of the entire universe on a flat planet!

Hmm, in my next article perhaps I should discuss what scientists refer to as “Junk DNA”… Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

Peace And Unconditional Love To You And Yours For Eternity…