Are People alone in the Universe

The vastness of the universe and galaxies suggest a complexity that we have yet to understand. It would be a foolish assumption to consider our existence to be the only fish in the sea of deep space. In the last century we have only started to unfold some of the mysteries hidden in the blackness of space. Galaxies of stars and planets form the tapestry of a woven blanket of wondrous oddities that we only consider to be the sky above. Far in the depths between nebulae and black holes there is a planet capable of sustaining life.

It would be ignorant to say we are the only ones in the entire universe. It might even be more ignorant to say the universe is all there is. I believe that things exist beyond comprehension or technology will ever allow us to see in our lifetimes. Do I believe in alien life forms existing on worlds millions of light years away, Plausibility is the key to this answer, because I would surely be cutting off my own toes if I could debate such claims without bringing the burden of truth?

There is way too much secrecy and conspiracies to dispute that the powers that be have something hidden behind their backs. Many governments like the Russia have already divulged these clandestine events, providing the public with untold truths. Since the dawn of man when only sharp rocks were used to scrawl historic events there has been witnesses to something far from logic or science. Whether we discuss Roswell or Travis Walton there is too many coincidences to sufficiently discount the latter.

So whether it is science fiction or truth only Mulder and Skully can determine if “The Truth is Out There”, for now I will keep looking to the sky for my answer. I can only hope that somewhere far beyond the scope of our disbelief and ignorance that there is another that is not bent on war or power, and that they are staring back at me!