Are People alone in the Universe

I find it hard to believe that we are alone in the universe, so my answer is no. I do not believe that we are alone.

It is believed that life on our planet began with the amoeba crashing into our ocean, growing in the tadpoles, into fish, eventually crawling out of the ocean, evolving into apes, and eventually leading up to modern man.

If the above scientific beliefs are accurate, which no one really knows since science is so new to our world, then that means that amoeba must be floating around in space and probably crashing onto other worlds. None of the worlds that we have found are currently capable of sustaining life but there are billions of galaxies, solar systems, and planets that we have not found and maybe never will. If life began as easily as this model suggests, then life must have began on other worlds just like ours or possibly in other ways that we do not know of yet at this time.

Some people argue that we are alone in the universe. To them I want to ask, what proof do you have that we are alone? How can you say that when we barely know anything about our own planet, solar system, or the universe? How can you know that, with all the billions of planets that are believed to be out there and we have never seen, no life exists on any one of them? This is just a plain stupid relief with no way of proving it.

I know, now you will ask me to prove that life is on other planets in the universe, right? Well, based on simple probability and logic, I believe that my theory has a better chance of being correct than that of their being no life on other worlds.

The opposition is saying that there is, without a doubt, no life on other worlds, which we have never seen or even know exist. This is a very closed-minded approach an illogical assumption since we have no facts, thus making it a dead end.

The obverse is saying that, with all of the planets we believe to be out in space, the odds are very good that another or several other planets can and do support life. It is simple probability. This is the open-minded approach and we should always be open-minded about things we know nothing about. You never know when you will be proven right or wrong.