Are People alone in the Universe

Green With Envy

If you were an advanced peaceful race of explorers who came upon this world of squandered resources and blighted areas prone to wholesale destruction. If you did not have a prime directive to not interfere with this planet’s development, no matter how many puppy dog eyes you see on the HoloViewer. No matter how many poets akin to Yeats that transcends time and space that perfectly pull prose from fleeting femto-seconds.If you are intrigued by the most passionate lifeform in the galaxy. Would you have advice to give? What would that advice be? If you got your one chance to say, to hades with the prime directive and break subspace radio silence. Who and what would you address in four hundred words or less?

People of Earth…

Greetings, How goes it on this side of the galaxy? Well, only time will tell. She is incidentally in the lobby. Soon to be on her way up, and I tell now, that two cents in her pocket is coddling kelvins, fondling Fahrenheit, hell on Celsius. Anyway. I am called Too-faerie. I am from the planet Molaar and I’ve been watching you for some time now. In case your wondering, I learned your language, from watching the most promising of your species Christopher Walken. Why C.W. does not lead your tiny world even my vast intellect cannot comprehend. So I break my silence. I step out of the pretty lights, on a clear day, beneath a blue sky, to warn you that on every habitable world supporting and sporting freedom of sentience, there is always the struggle between the self and the commonwealth. Go ahead ask your self that primary, binary question. Is it everyone out for themselves, or are we in this together? If you can’t answer or don’t know fret not buttercups. For there is among you a poet, a philosopher, a jester of dreams. Sharp kid that one. Sharper than a Cauchy Completion. He understands this. He is there to help you, help not yourselves but each other. Come on guys. You wasted enough time already. You don’t need eye-ware the size of a dingle-bot to see the wonders I have seen, can see, at my discretion. It’s an open invitation but only when your ready. And since CW is so busy looking good and setting examples. It’s up to this poet, this philosopher, this seersage, this omegaprophet, this jester of dreams, to wake you from your days of daze.

My Two Cents

We are not alone. We were never alone.The stars could be days away instead of centuries if we retire the word limitation and all of it’s translations and inflections. It could be as easy as using laser light to put ones own atoms out of phase with the matter around it then folding that object along its line of symmetry, bilateral or otherwise. The holographic process entails storing three dimensional data in two dimensions using special film.It is the ultimate data compression method. Whether that data be inanimate or biological, if it has symmetry it can be teleported. If intelligent life from another world knew we knew this, they might consider us intelligent to.