Are People alone in the Universe

A journey through space and time the Hubble Telescope is truly most important topic when we are looking for the answer to, are we alone in the universe? Looking at the night sky we see the familiar twinkle of star light, light that has traveled enormous amounts of distances to reach us but we are not seeing the stars themselves flicker. The universe is transparent, the light can travel unchanged for billions of years but due to space dust and debris, viewing deep into space has always been a challenge until now.

The Hubble telescope has the ability to see farther than ever before, the images speak for themselves. The Hubble produces images such as hundreds of Galaxy’s just like ours and thats just breaking the surface. Our galaxy is very large in size, so big that telescopes are just finding planets that have been in plain view sight for years. If telescopes are just finding planets in our galaxy what about the hundreds of Galaxy’s not searched that Hubble views, its jaw dropping.

There are more stars in our universe then there are grains of sand on earth. If you filled the Grand Cannon with sand it might compare to stars alone in just our galaxy, yes truly amazing in size. Picture the earth was a golf ball and Pluto was a Poppy seed the distance between the two would be two city blocks. On that scale the Hubble is finding Galaxy’s everyday. Yes Galaxy’s, ones bigger than us with hundreds of planets in them so many planets that the odds tell us that there has to be some sort of other planet from which a life form has been created, its just to big out there.

With the question are we alone? size is the only thing that matters. It’s hard to find a needle in a hay stack yes, well how about finding a needle in billion hay stacks how long would that take 100 years maybe how about 1000 years to find that needle. Well if 10 scientists worked for a hundred years then they might find that needle right. Well think of space in that sense. We just got the technology say 15 years ago, so maybe in say 1000 years we might scratch the surface and find something or someone.

If thats not enough the Hubble telescope has be in space taking images for over 15 years and soon will come down. When this happens around 2011 a more powerful telescope called James web space telescope will be sent to space and will reveal images that will change the question are we alone in the universe for ever!