Anger Management Channel your Anger

You have the right to feel angry. You have the right to get angry with people who hurt you. Having the right to get angry does not mean that you can kill the people who hurt you.

Anger is a very strong emotion. People kill when they are angry. People damage properties when they are angry.

While you have the right to feel angry, you do not have the right to take away lives and damage properties.

Anger is an emotion that you have to control. You can release the power of anger and channel the anger in healthy ways.

The first step to control anger is to know the reason for your anger. Do you always know why you get angry? Sometimes you do. Sometimes you do not. You cannot explain why a person makes you happy one day, and makes you angry the next day.

You have to know why you get angry in the first place. Do take time to think about it. Review the sequence of events that lead to your anger.

Write out your feelings and the exact words that the other person uses. Write out the exact actions that the other person takes.

The second step to control anger is to review with an open mind. Is the other person acting with a malicious intention? Does the person know that touching on your sore spot can make you angry?

In all fairness, if the person acts out of innocence, you have to accept it, and cool down.

What if the person purposely makes you angry? Think about the possible reasons for him to do so.

The third step to control anger is to channel your anger to beneficial activities.

Does he want to put you down in front of your boss, so that your boss will think twice about promoting you? If that is the case, channel your anger into your work. Prove your worth. You can aim to do a better work than him. Do come to work early and go home later. Let your work proves the value to the company.

Does he want to make you angry, knowing that you have a terrible temper? Do not get angry in front of him. Go to the gym to hit the sandbag. Punch the sandbag as if you are punching his irritating face. Do not let him see you get angry. If you have the reputation of having a bad temper, you do not need to highlight your bad reputation.

Do you eat uncontrollably when you are angry? You know that you will regret when you cool down. Please find another way to control your anger. Drinking a glass of cold lemon juice is a better way to calm down than indulging in rich food. Eating uncontrollably is not a good way to release anger.

When you are angry, you do not care how much calories you consume. Do drink a glass of cold water, then go for a jog or a long walk.

Talking to your dog is a far better way to release anger. The soft and understanding eyes of your dog do help to calm you down. You know that your dog will never betray you and hurt you.

Do remember that you have the right to get angry, but you do not have the right to hurt others. You have to learn to control anger. You can channel your anger into fruitful and beneficial activities.