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Brain development is one key aspect looked at by all of us in our children although we don’t pay much attention to our own developments. But, as parents, there are few things we should know in order to optimize brain development of our children and thereby make them the brainy kids that everyone dreams of. Although many of the factors that affect the brain development are known facts, it is rather evident at how parents are lured into accepting not so effective means of brain development, especially in the early childhood. Thus, this article hopes to shed light into factors that we should focus as being the most influential factors in relation to brain development, particularly during the early childhood.

Why early childhood?

According to experts, there is scientific evidence to prove that by the age of 3 years, the activity of the brain is double the amount than in adults and many of the connections between these neurons would be made during this early period of time. But, with age, it is also known that, a clearing up process will untangle the unused links and therefore would not be made use of in the learning process unless they are stimulated at the very early age.

What are the factors which would enable activation of neuronal links?

When looking at the factors which has shown to be influential in brain development, genetic inheritance has a significant role but would not be the deciding factor on the outcome of a particular individual. At the same time, it is also evident that harnessing the genetic backing on the brain development would be the key to how it influence on brain development in most children.

In order to maintain energy levels within these nervous cells as well as to facilitate the physiological processes relevant to these nerve cells, adequate nutritional intake would be vital and the diet would play a significant role as it facilitate brain development in more than one ways.

Another highly important factor in brain development would be the stimulation that a child receives in the early childhood and among the stimulation, the interaction and responsiveness from parents would make a huge difference in a growing child. Thus, talking, storytelling, singing songs, play activities as well as any other parent child interaction would promote child’s brain development to the highest possible intensity.

Apart from the above mentioned factors, allowing the child to explore as well as to engage in physical activities safely according to their  wishes along with demonstration of love and affectionate at all times would make the process of brain development efficient as well as progressive.