Branches of Microbiology

“Microbiology” is the study of microorganisms. “Micro” means very small and “Biology” means study of living things. It is one of the fastest growing areas of science which deals with the study of these small organisms which cannot be viewed by the naked eye and can only be viewed through a microscope. This deals with the different organisms mainly bacteria, viruses, protozoa and fungi.

Microbiology has varied areas of specializations, which includes immunology, virology, food microbiology, biotechnology, microbial genetics, cell and molecular biology, bacteriology, environmental microbiology, agricultural microbiology, water microbiology.

Medical Microbiology: Involves in identifying, treatment or prevention of some diseases caused by bacteria, virus, and fungi. The medical microbiologists research on different diseases, their causes, development and pathogenesis.

Water Microbiology: Every human needs good, purified water for survival. These microbiologists ensure and monitor the quality of the water supplied to the domestic areas.

Food Microbiology: It deals with the fermentations and fermented products like yogurt, beer, wine etc. These microbiologists involve in prevention of deterioration and spoilage of the food products and have a continuous hygiene checks on the food products to prevent any food poisonings.

Environmental Microbiology: It involves in the study of ecological study which includes air, water, food and environment as such. These microbiologists check the factory wastes which can cause pollution of the air or water thus increasing the rate of poisoning or diseases in the environment.

Agricultural Microbiology: It is dealing with the various aspects of agriculture. Microbes act as fertilizers as they fix nitrogen in soil but some microbes attack these agricultural fields which may in-turn lead to food poisoning, when taken raw. These microbiologists deal with checking out the safety of the agricultural fields.

Bacteriology: Study of bacteria

Mycology: Study of fungi.

Virology: Study of viruses.

Immunology: Study of the immune system in all organisms.

Microbiology is a very vast field and the study basically involves in knowing the disease causing organisms, the prevention and cure of such diseases. It is a field where if one wishes to pursue a career it would be very interesting.