An Overview of American Environmental Conservation Organizations

There are a myriad of environmental and conservation organizations that one can volunteer to work for or donate money. Every state in this country has an organization that is dedicated to land conservancy. To find your local environmental group, do an Internet search or visit your town hall. Below are just a few of the conservation organizations around America:

American Land Conservancy
The people that run this group can help you with environmental,legal,real estate,political, and fund raising issues. They, like most, are a non-profit organization. They use some unique methods that separate them from other groups, such as: Acquisition of Surface or Sub-Surface rights. This means that they will buy timber and mineral rights to prevent development and destruction of property. Another method they employ is Direct Purchase. If you wish to sell or donate your land, but wish that it be conserved or protected environmentally, they will find a public group or conservation buyer to purchase your land or oversee that your donated land will be protected.

America the Beautiful Fund
Another non-profit group founded in 1965. This group promotes community projects in all fifty states and boasts an astounding fifty-thousand of them across America. They promote a program called Operation Green Plant. This program gives out free seeds for food and plants, all you have to pay is the shipping and handling fee.

This group encourages volunteers from all over the world to join ongoing scientific field research teams. They work with high school teachers and university professors in an effort to provide students an opportunity to work with scientists.

Other groups worth mentioning are: Leave No Trace, EarthShare, The Nature Conservancy, Ecological Society of America, Envirolink Network, and Forests Forever.