How will Donating American Technology help India Provide Drinking Water

Okay, so let me get this striaght. While giant tech firms are outsourcing their labor demands to India so they can get around paying a living wage to their workers, and India continues to flagrantly violate envonmental standards and practices, (some of which are likely set up by the Kyoto convention) as well as tolerating horrible human rights abuses in and out of the workplace, you want to donate filtration technology and use US labor to train India in water filtration techniques, and all this while America the midst of the greatest economic crisis facing the country in fifty years?

At least, i would assume you wish to donate this technology, as i doubt India has any way of paying for filtration systems other than a massive loan on our part. America’s unemployment is nearing 10%, there are homeless camps springing up all over California. Corporate corruption has resulted in millions of americans losing their homes, their jobs, and their way of life. This is not the time to be altruistic! What possible returns would we see on this investment? If there were some potential for long or short term profit, then maybe we could use some of the stimulous money to invest in these sort of humanitarian projects, but I just don’t see that happening.

Maybe we could grant the release of technological patents on the processes used in filtration systems, and our education system could teach those who wished to immigrate to our country and then return to India after assuming payments on their student loans, but the last thing India wants right now is to be indebted to the United States. Relations between the US and China are already strained, and accepting foriegn aid from America will likely not win India any friends in the Chinese Embassy.

China is in a much better position to help India, both economically and logistically. The costs associated with transporting material and personnel from the US are much higher than from China, and China is probably more inclined to help its neighbor than the US is to help a country half-way across the world from its shores. We are also funding the devolopment of several other nations already, such as Mexico, as well as much of South America. Our international media (those journilists from america who take an interest in reporting events throughout the world) are spread thin throughout the lands south of the United States, and are often the only source of pressure on american businesses to restrict business with those who violate human rights in those countries. Trying to get America to pay attention to what is going on in India would be difficult at best, and would detract attention from countries we have already invested with and have some financial stake in.

I believe that India is capable of devoloping its own water resources, and doesn’t need help from the United States to do so.