An Introduction to Animals of the Coniferous Forest Biome defines the coniferous forest as “an area of wooded land consisting of more than 75% conifers (trees like pines and firs)”. These forests cover huge areas in the northern hemisphere. In fact the coniferous forests are the largest land biome of the world. Despite this fact, these forests have fewer animals when compared to other types of forests. Here are some animals which are found in the coniferous forests.

The Wolverine is a stocky and muscular carnivore. It resembles a small bear. The adult is about the size of a medium dog. It has powerful jaws, thick hide and sharp claws. It is well known for its strength and ferocity. It can be found in North America and in the northern part of Asia.  

The bobcat (scientific name: lynx rufus) belongs to the cat family. This attractive animal is about twice the size of an average domestic cat. It usually feeds on rabbits, rodents, birds and hares. Bobcats are solitary animals. There are twelve known sub-species of the bobcat. 

The moose (North America) is also known as the elk in the United Kingdom. It is a large herbivorous animal belonging to the deer family. An average moose weighs more than 550 kilograms and consumes more than 30 kilograms of food per day. It does not have upper front teeth. Male moose have large antlers. 

The Siberian tiger is a large animal belonging to the cat family. It can weigh up to 320 kilograms. This majestic animal usually feeds on moose and wild boar. The tail length of a fully grown male is about one meter. Its fur is thick and coarse. These tigers can be found in eastern Russia’s birch forests. 

The coyote (also known as the American jackal) is found throughout North and Central America. These animals travel in large groups. They live in burrows. They have a life span of ten years. They are smart hunters. They feed on ground squirrels, mice, birds, prairie dogs and lizards. 

The red fox is listed among the 100 “world’s worst alien invasive species”. It is the largest among the “true foxes”. The red fox is well known for its ability to adapt to new environments. Red foxes live in groups. They usually feed on birds, reptiles and smaller mammals. 

Snow leopard, porcupine, raccoon, beaver, brown bear, ground squirrel, snowshoe hare, black bear, otter, timber wolf, grizzly bear and woodland caribou are some animals found in these forests. Bald eagle, long-eared owl, red tailed hawk, nuthatch, spotted owl, great horned owl, crossbill and Siberian crane are some birds found in the coniferous forests. 

These creatures are necessary for a healthy ecosystem. It is our responsibility to take good care of them.