A whole World in your Back Yard

Not everyone is as fortunate as I am in seeing how they can take part in geology, which is the study in the planet earth and the components that make it a planet, its life forms, and the history behind forming the earth the way we see it now. You can expand your horizons by visiting geologically interesting sites that show and museums, though many find the idea of visiting museums a bore.

Learning about history doesn’t have to be like this as I found out living in a place that is steeped in mystery and legend, and studying the rock formations that form the area in which I live. Backyard geology certainly is the way to go if you want to take an interest though really don’t have a clue about how geology works.

The amount of knowledge that you can log and make diaries of from simple landscapes is amazing. Rock formations like the mountain ranges behind my house studied against historic documents show the erosion and how those peaks were formed. The enjoyment for me is not so much learning about the formations, although background information helps, but being able to appreciate what made the landscape around me the way it is today.

Looking at stones or pebbles from beaches, you can reference them in libraries and begin to see patterns which logically lead you to conclusions about the place you live.

Behind my house, at the very top of the mountain, history still shows itself, in the form of neolithic graves made out of huge slates that man would be unable to lift. Making history come alive, I was able to study how these huge monuments to history were put in place, and my studies also took me to sites not far from here, such as Carnac where huge standing stones mark the landscape. There are myths and legends though I was more interested in knowing history and fact, and in my study, was astounded by the amount of knowledge I gained.

Taking a look at the world you live in can be revealing and rewarding, like putting pieces of the jigsaw together to make a whole and complete picture. None of us will ever understand the totality of evolution, though taking a look beyond your own backyard will really open your eyes and help you to understand all the facets that make life as it is today.

Happy hunting. Enjoy your world. It is there to discover.