Would willing Advantage Genetic Screeningengineering Overcome Sterility – Yes

When people speak about this subject, they are immediately reminded of Hitler’s “Supreme Race” which caused the death of hundreds of thousands. It is understandable, the negative connotation that goes along with this, however, it is hardly fair. Some people simply are against this type of activity, because they believe it to be against their god, as if we are taking power out of gods hands. When addressing this issue, it is important to look at it from all sides. In my opinion, I believe that genetic screening not only should be explored, but needs to be explored.

During Hitler’s reign, he imposed some very controversial and inhumane ideas to mold humanity into a more superior race. He wanted to eliminate the weak, take care of the strong and breed those that he considered “genetically” superior. He indirectly believed in a perverted form of Eugenics, although true Eugenics says nothing about eliminating the weak, or the separation of races. Eugenics historically has been used to justify many injustices and deaths, which is why it has become viewed as a negative ideal. So one can certainly understand why even speaking of the idea of genetic manipulation, or changing the natural order of a birth would inspire misunderstanding, rage, hate, controversy and debate. It should be noted however that Eugenics should not be associated with Nazi Germany, Hitler, or any of the other atrocities that have occurred and blamed on Eugenics. To blame Eugenics for these atrocities is like blaming Christianity for the Spanish Inquisition, indirectly this may be true, but the true form of each is pure.

On this issue as well, you have to take into consideration religious motivations for opposing genetic screening. Whether Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Zoroastrian, etcif you truly believe, then you believe that God is in charge and responsible for all that is, ever was and ever will be. So to manipulate his/her creations is quite simply like interfering with the divine plan whether the result is good or bad. For example, even though this research could prevent children from dying from hereditary diseases, prevent down syndrome, prevent deformities, etc, that this is not a good thing, because these children were meant to be the way they are born because it was in gods plan. I personally have a problem with this line of thinking, because it simply looks past the obvious. If everything is in gods plan and gods will, then that means that he/she knows that the human race will eventually discover the means to do genetic screening and prevent all of these life debilitating diseases. To say otherwise is to say that god is not all powerful and all knowing, because essentially it means that we are taking away gods power and altering his ultimate plan.

Now personally I am a believe in human progress and improvement. Anything can be bad in the wrong hands and certainly I am sure that genetic screening will be exploited eventually, or used in some manner that is inhumane. However, that can be said of any type of progress or technological advance in this world, not because the advance, ideal or technology is bad, but because there will always be people who are bad. Christianity is good in theory, but has been used to justify atrocities, so has communism, eugenics, evolution, socialism, and pretty much every religion in the world. What one has to realize is that the benefits heavily outweigh the negatives. For example, if 100 children were saved from a life of suffering, death, mental retardation and general disabilities for every 5 cases of misuse, then how can anyone deny the benefits.

I think what most people worry about is that we will become a government run society where we are not in control of our own lives and science dictates who we are and what we will become. This is completely unreasonable however, as history is our greatest teacher and the type of activity that was practiced by evil men such as Hitler, will never be tolerated.
So in my opinion, there is no reason to be afraid of or prevent genetic screening. If you are religious and you truly believe in a divine plan, then it is very hard to argue that the discovery of genetic screening was not in it already and even if you do not accept this, you must consider the lives that you are sacrificing for beliefs that are personal to you and may not be the same as the family you are judging. If there is anything we strive towards in this world, it is to have peace and alleviate suffering. This is our chance to accomplish at least one of these goals.