Worst Blizzards of the us

Blizzard is a severe snow storm with wind speed of at least 35 miles per hour (56 kilometers per hour).  To state in simpler terms, a blizzard is a combination of low temperature, strong winds and heavy snow.  Visibility will be very poor, sometimes even less than quarter mile (400 meters) and it becomes difficult to even breath due to blowing snow.  Blizzards have caused immense damage to life and property in the past.  They have literally paralyzed major cities.  The Midwestern part of the United States has experienced many blizzards and is in fact referred to as “Blizzard country”.

The United States of America has faced many blizzards in the past.  Here is a list of some of the worst blizzards in US history:

-The Great Blizzard of 1888:  This blizzard which is also known as “The White Hurricane” is the worst ever to have hit the United States.  The states of New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Connecticut were affected by this most horrendous blizzard.  This blizzard occurred due to collision of Arctic air from Canada with warm air from Gulf of Mexico.  It lasted for four days (March 11th to 14th) and killed more than 400 people.  This blizzard caused many floods and fires and ruined more than 200 ships.  Residents of the states which were affected by this blizzard reported more than 40 inches of snow.  Wind speed exceeded 45 miles per hour.  Many people, including the great Mark Twain were stranded due to this blizzard.  

-The Storm of the Century (1993):  This blizzard, which also brought heavy rains and tornadoes along with it, lasted for nearly 5 days (March 11th to 15th) and caused more than 300 deaths.  Nearly 50 people were reported to be missing.  The east coast of the US was worst hit.  Major airports in the east coast had to be shut down and interstate highways north of Atlanta had to be closed.  Total damages exceeded $6 billion.  This blizzard affected nearly 50 per cent of the population of the United States.  

-Great Appalachian Storm (1950):  This blizzard which hit the eastern part of the United States in the month of November killed more than 350 people.  Wind speed exceeded 100 miles per hour.  More than 1 million had to live without electricity and total damages were estimated at $66.7 million.  Twenty two states were impacted by this terrible blizzard.

-The Schoolhouse blizzard of 1888:  This blizzard which is also known as School-children’s blizzard or Children’s blizzard killed 230 people, most of whom were children.  This blizzard occurred unexpectedly on a warm day, bringing temperature from above 32 degrees Fahrenheit to below 40 degree Fahrenheit within hours.  

-Great Lakes Storm of 1913:  This blizzard is known by various names like “White Hurricane”, “Big Blow” and “Freshwater Fury”.  It lasted for nearly 5 days from November 7th.  It devastated the Great Lakes Basin in the Midwestern region of the US, killing more than 250 people and destroying nearly 20 ships.  Wind speeds reached nearly 90 miles per hour.  Huge waves reaching heights of more than 35 feet were reported.  

Blizzards have demonstrated the raw power of nature.  Time and again they have reminded human beings to respect nature and to obey its laws.