Worlds Tallest Waterfalls

The thrill of standing at the base of a huge waterfall cannot be understood until you’ve done it. The cool spray misting across your face, the thunder that you can feel as much as hear and the sunlight being refracted by the water droplets into a pale, beautiful rainbow is enough to make even the most stoic among us feel the glory that must have been present in the Garden of Eden. If you’re looking for some of the grandest sights on this gorgeous planet, here is a list of the tallest waterfalls on Earth.
1) ANGEL FALLS in Venezuela is 3212 feet and consists of 2 drops; a 2648 ft. plunge followed by an additional 100 ft. drop. Known as Kerepakupai Meru (or “fall from the deepest place”) by the locals, the falls were unknown to Westerners until 1937 when they were first viewed by pilot Jimmy Angel.
2) TUGELA FALLS located in the Royal Natal National Park in Kwazulu Natal, South America falls 3110 ft. in a series of 5 major tiers.
3) Known as both CATARATA PARIJARO and TRES HERMANAS (“The Three Sisters”) is in Peru and is about 3000 feet.
4) OLO’UPENA FALLS drops 2953 feet. Located on the island of Molokai, Hawaii, it is the tallest waterfall in the United States.
5) YUMBILLA, CATARATA in Peru has 4 drops giving it a total height of 2938 ft.
6) VINNUFOSSEN in Norway drops 2822 ft. from a single stream at the top of the cliff and fanning out into multiple falls as it descends the side of the mountain. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful waterfalls, as well as being in the top10 in height.
7) BALAIFOSSEN, also in Norway sometimes is dry during the summer months. This is due to it’s being fed by snowfields. When flowing, however, the waterfall is almost 2800 ft. tall and averages only 20 ft. in width.
8) Located on the north coast of Molokai, Hawaii, PU’UKA’OKU FALLS is the United States’ 2nd highest waterfall. Falling from the tallest sea cliffs in the world, the waters plummet 2756 ft. into the sea.
9) JAMES BRUCE FALLS is located in Princess Louisa Provincial Park in British Columbia, Canada. This semi-seasonal waterfall cascades 2755 ft. from a small ice field during the spring’s snowmelt.
10) BROWNE FALLS on the South Island of New Zealand is located in Fiordlands National Park. It’s 2744 ft. twists down the mountainside before emptying into Doubtful Sound.

Following these Top Ten Tallest Waterfalls are Norway’s STRUNENFOSSEN (2690 ft.); RAMNEFIELLSFOSSEN (2685 ft.), also in Norway; Hawaii’s 2600 ft. WAIHILAU FALLS; the 2584 ft. tall COLONIAL CREED FALLS in Washington state, USA; and MONGEFOSSEN (2535 ft.) in Norway.

Three of the world’s tallest fifteen waterfalls are located on the islands of Hawaii and five are in Norway. If you’re planning your vacation to see some of the world’s tallest waterfalls, you might want to take advantage of the multiple waterfalls in Norway or the Hawaii islands. Wherever you decide to vacation, snap your vacation photos and then put the camera away and take a few minutes to appreciate the beauty and majesty of some of nature’s most magnificent sights.