Winter Storm

Winter storms, whether accompanied by ice or snow, are powerful enough to disrupt travel conditions.  In return, drivers who lack attention to weather forecasts and drive too fast on slippery roads increase their risks of getting into accidents.  Therefore, it is always safe to just stay at home whenever possible during both snowstorms and ice storms.  Winter storms can change rapidly, which is why people need to watch for weather forecasts in advance.   

Winter Storm Tips at Home

*Attention to Weather Forecasts

In advance of the winter storm, stay tuned to various broadcasting stations.  Watch TV news channels when meteorologists track the storm, as well as its timing.  Listening to a radio is also beneficial to get latest information on the winter storm.  Surf the Internet and focus on weather bulletins from websites such as the National Weather Service that will provide up-to-date information on the winter storm, and its potential snow accumulations.

*Purchase Groceries

In case you get snowbounded at home, go to a grocery store and purchase small products like canned soups, bottled water, breads, milk, peanut butter, and crackers.  You should also buy a flashlight in case the power goes out due to the storm’s high winds.  Don’t forget to purchase new batteries for that flashlight. 

*Shovel During Winter Storm

Have a heavy-duty shovel and ice salt handy to keep yourself from getting snow bounded.  It is a good idea that you shovel during the snowstorm rather than waiting until the storm passes.  This way, you will prevent yourself from getting overly exhausted from all that shoveling the snow. 

Winter Tips for Your Car

*Have Your Car in Good Condition

The first thing you should do before the winter storm arrives is to have your car running in a good condition.  Check for oil levels, tires that are not punctured, the battery, and the amount of engine coolant in the system.  It never hurts to take your car to a service to have it run well in winter weather.

*Make a Survival Kit for Your Car

When you need to drive in the winter storm, have plenty of winter-essential items handy for your car.  An ice scraper and a De-Icer make an excellent combination to remove ice from your windshield easily.  Check all of your headlights to be sure they are working the way they should.  A small shovel is beneficial in case you get stuck in the snow while driving.  A small survival kit including blankets, a small flashlight with fresh batteries, a cloth to notify police you are stranded, and a few candy bars needs to be in your car trunk for emergencies. 

Take it easy if you are driving in a major winter storm.  Too many people die from car accidents because they simply drive too fast on slick roads.  Once you prepare for the storm by paying attention to the weather forecasts and having emergency supplies ready, you will be safe.