Winter Solstice Northern Hemisphere

Winter solstice is a beautiful looking phenomena that shows how stunning are earth really is. How is it formed and why do we have it? Besides being a natural beauty and interesting complex of our earth. Winter solstice in the northern hemisphere happens when the earth goes into its axial tilt. Which means the earth is heading into a perpendicular plane and shifting more towards the right. Which means it starts to rotate slightly off balance as it normally would every other time of the year.

The name itself means something like first day of winter and its shift of the times and season. The winter solstice brings about the shortenings of days and making nights more longer than in the summer and spring months, even autumn months. On the northern hemisphere, this happens around Christmas time in December twenty first or twenty second and many people do not notice this shift, since the solstice appears to take place on almost every day since the days are very short in times of winter. An interesting thing to note is that this winter solstice may have been celebrated since the neolithic time era, as there are many artworks and ancient other findings that seem to have a drawn back to the winter solstice. In even more later eras, there have been gods that have bring about this time in the winter.

It brings about the rebirth of a sun god in many ancient religions, as well as in Greek mythology, summer and winter solstice are truly joyous times full of a lavish party, where every god is permitted on mount Olympus for a good time. There are many festivals for this time such as in Japan, Amaterasu celebration, Goru in Malai, Koleda in Slavic areas and of course, Christmas since the ancient roman era. There is no scientific evidence to which brings about the way winter is formed as well as why solstice occurs on those two days.  Only strewn about by different countries that hold their own facts about the case, such as in Persia, recognizing the time as the first day of winter.       

The winter solstice also has many other meanings not only garnered to just the northern hemisphere. Such as midwinter, the longest night in history, and solar powered new year. This is an odd and strange occurrence with not much scientific evidence behind it, other than the earth’s axial tilt. It truly shows the wonders we have in our world.