Winter Solstice and Lunar Eclipse Overlap for first Time in 456 Years

The winter solstice and a full lunar eclipse marked December 21, 2010 as a unique day in the history of the earth. For the first time in over four centuries, the earth, moon and sun aligned themselves to create an eclipse that lasted longer than three hours and filled the hearts and minds of sky watchers with intrigue.

According to the Montreal Gazette, the alignment of the solar system in this manner holds spiritual significance to many who rely on the solstice as a supply of energy because feminine and masculine energy from the moon and the sun were linked to fuel personal change and spiritual renewal.

Lunar eclipse

The lunar eclipse, beginning at about 1:30 AM Eastern Standard Time in the United States on December 21, 2010, occurred as a result of the earth blocking the path between the moon and the sun, resulting in the moon going dark.

All the stages of the lunar eclipse are expected to last almost three and a half hours, while the portion of it that fully blocks light from the moon will last only about 72 minutes.

Winter solstice

The winter solstice marks the shortest day of the year which also is regarded as the first day of winter. When the solstice coincides with a full lunar eclipse, it is a rare and celebrated occurrence. Of course, the phenomena will recur, but many people now alive will likely be dead by 2094 when it will happen again.

Spiritually, many religions seem to revere the solstice as a symbol of new birth and renewal. According to the Gazette, the wiccan religion reveres the solstice as a source of energy and personal transformation.

When the solstice is accompanied by a full lunar eclipse, the energy of the solstice is intensified by the linkage of the energy of the sun and the moon, a wiccan priestess told the media outlet.

Details concerning any possible superstitions that are linked to the coincidence of the lunar eclipse and the winter solstice are very sketchy at best. Apparently not much in the annals of history reveals historic thought and tradition concerning the simultaneous events.

In 1554, the last time when the two events simultaneously occurred, a trio of horrific events in England and Scotland occurred. One lady was executed for treason, a second was imprisoned in London, and a third assumed the role of regent of Scotland.

Whether scientific or spiritual, the 2010 winter solstice will go down in history as one of a handful of rare and mystical events.