Will Political Setbacks for Stem Cell Advocates Destroy Medical Research Efforts – No

Somewhere on Earth, sooner or later a scientist will find cures in which to heal sick people as a result of stem cell research. You see, it is Human Nature for those who are alive to stay alive rather than to promote the growth of new life.

There is no better example than the regulations of the Chinese Government in regard to the fact that a woman is limited to having one child within China. If she becomes pregnant again, the growing child will be aborted if the Government becomes aware of that fact, no matter how long she has been pregnant.

The question to answer here is: When do Human cells become an aware life form? Then again, is a non-thinking life form just a collection of living cells or truly a Human Being before it becomes aware of itself and its environment? Do you have a memory of floating arould within your Mother?

I wonder, if scientists artificially grow Human cells, are they nothing more than modern versions of Dr. Frankenstein’s creation? Should people be created for the purpose of just being laboratory experiments or provide new parts for old people?

Does your family doctor consider you to be just a hunk of meat who pays money to stay healthy? When a society and/or the people within a Government treats its people as being nothing more than hunks of flesh and bone something is clearly wrong somewhere.

The morality of such control of others is truly objectionable to all Christains who believe in a Heavenly Spirit and a spiritual life after death. I myself wonder if those developing people also contain a spirit of who they are at the moment of conception.

The truth of the matter is that each of us is somehow different from every other living person. As such, we ourselves really have no right to deny life to those spirits who were selected to join the ranks of the living. Some say that there is also a devine purpose for each of us. So too, that devive purpose could be to spend all of eternity in Hell after our mortal body passes away. Do you really want to end up in a place like that forever?

Clearly, there is a great deal of competition in regard to who finds cures for our now incurable illnesses. There is a also a great deal of money to be made and a great deal of fame to be achieved. Because of those two facts, stem cell research will continue.

There is also the moral question to deal with, in regard to the interference with the natural order of life and who has the right to play God here on Earth. Would a Mother have a child for the purpose of having its child be nothing more than the spare parts of the living?