Will Corrupt Leaders and Politicians Destroy the Planet

Why some believe the human race is in its final days

Whilst it is good to imagine that in a century or two, we’ll be a united world and acting out Star Trek and Voyager for real, it is not very likely; more probably travellers from a distant galaxy will visit the earth and remark that it is a planet of roaches; amazing creatures with great survival techniques but with limited ability for further advancement. Perhaps someone might even note from partially restored computer files that there was a race of humanoids that was obsessed with football – a kind of game where a round ball was kicked about often aimlessly; the South Americans were rather good at it but a group called the English were not! This species of animal considered itself superior to the other inhabitants of the planet but was clearly in error. In fact, the humanoids were rather good at making mistakes and their leaders were corrupt and often foolish. They destroyed their planet and the environment in which they lived.

Everyday, we see more evidence of the decline.  Is it now more likely than ever that the whole world is ready to collapse rather like the “fall of the Roman Empire” some fifteen hundred years ago? But this time will the human race disappear entirely?

The furore over alleged cash handouts by France’s richest woman, Liliane Bettencourt, and her late husband, to conservative politicians has shaken President Sarkozy and driven his approval rating to a record low. He and his predecessors like Chirac are known to be corrupt but nothing is ever done to punish them or put them in jail where they belong. But this is France – in Britain, we have had the expense scandals and the worrying thing is that they do not consider they’ve done anything wrong. Sleaze, corruption and basic dishonesty have become acceptable at the top level. Do the crooked politicians go to jail in Britain? Not on your life they don’t and sadly it really can be the very case! More on that later.

In Ireland, the Government admits the bankers lied and provided false information to NAMA (the agency that bailed out the incompetent banks & developers with tax payers money) and that the taxpayers bill will be more than anticipated. Although many intelligent onlookers felt that the Fianna Fail led Government were wrong to bail out the rich and powerful, they proceeded with the plan ensuring long term and arguably unmanageable debts for the next few generations. Public anger is rising over the perception that property developers and bankers are retaining lavish lifestyles while the taxpayer is picking up the tab for their disastrous business deals and property purchases. But Ireland is not alone. In most of Europe it is the same old story and we have austerity measures necessary in Spain, Italy, Greece and Portugal in order to attempt to balance the books after years of corruption and overspending.

Surely not all politicians are idiots and they must have other motives for their seemingly foolish actions? Clearly some are very intelligent; devious and calculating but intelligent none the less. A few may even be sincere and genuine in the intention to serve the people but they are few and far between it would appear.

Let us not forget the fiasco of the oil spill in the GULF; it’s strange that they call it a “spill” as if someone had knocked over a pint of Guinness in the bar! But how is that a huge oil company making billions of dollars can behave with this level of incompetence?  Would you be allowed to drive a car on a motorway without brakes on the basis that an emergency might not occur? Hopefully not but the oil companies could operate with inadequate “failsafe” measures. Is BP to blame, is Obama to blame? Maybe to some extent…could it be that Obama’s predecessor George Bush was an oil man with a conflict of interest? Yes, I’d go for that. Should we blame him too along with Tony Blair for the arguably illegal invasion of Iraq and the subsequent lives lost? Sure, Saddam was not a particularly nice guy, in fact he was horrible, but he was hardly unique; Iraq however does have rather a large stock of oil although we know from assurances by Bush & Blair that this had no influence whatsoever on their decision to invade. It was because of Saddam’s persecution of his own people and the threat to America and its allies with his “weapons of mass destruction”. It’s just that something keeps niggling away at me and I can’t quite understand it. Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction and Blair and Bush knew it? No, it can’t be – that would make them far more evil than the guy they wanted to attack!

Did Saddam have WMD? Dr David Kelly, the UN Weapons Inspector in Iraq, thought not.

The LibDem MP Norman Baker claims in a book that Dr David Kelly was murdered. The official Hutton Inquiry into the death of Dr Kelly ruled in 2004 that he slashed one of his wrists with a garden knife and took an overdose after being accused of being the mole who revealed the flawed argument for invading Iraq. Dr Kelly bled to death without bleeding. And Norman Baker is convinced the scientist was murdered. Lord Hutton has ruled that evidence related to his death will be kept secret for 70 years.  It seems the Government has nothing to hide there then!

Where there is good in the world and there are still many good people, it is often immobilized and fragmented and unable to withstand the weight and power of those who are fundamentally bad.

It was once stated that “all evil needs to triumph is for good folk to do nothing” and there is truth here. But in days gone by, good folk were able to do something or at least willing to do so – more and more it seems the good are just seen as small fry and tiny groups or even individuals who cannot mobilise and can therefore get picked off by the might of the powerful & corrupt who will achieve their aims by whatever means is necessary whilst the large proportion of so called “good people” watch on seemingly frozen in time and too frightened to speak out.

Also many are unaware of what really transpires as they go about their existences as the product of a flawed education system; many also refuse to believe the evidence of their own eyes and bury their heads in the sand or turn away rather than truly acknowledge the wickedness that has taken control.

Do bad parents & incompetent teachers produce the troublesome juveniles who become bad adults? Is it really the children who are to blame?. And what example is set by our crooked bankers and dishonest politicians?

So the allies have won the so called war to oust and kill the evil Saddam but the peace has not been won & troubles and deaths persist at an alarming rate in this region; meanwhile attention is drawn to Afghanistan and the Taliban. Many feel that we should leave them to their own devices & keep our distance. Obviously they (the allies) have their reasons for being in Afghanistan and the diverted cash is probably part of it. Billions of dollars from Western aid projects has been flown out of Kabul and effectively disappeared – we really haven’t got a clue about the evil this lot really do, the lives they destroy and just how many of these “so called” politicians have their fingers in the cookie jar. Certainly the Taliban seem really wicked and their behaviour and attitudes preposterous to most decent people but can the allies win this war? It doesn’t seem likely. Countries get the leadership they deserve and often vote for. The USA got Bush, Britain got Blair. One wonders who will be in charge in Afghanistan in 10 years time and how many people will have died in the process..

Back to oil leak in the Gulf.. President Barack Obama has openly criticised the BP Company for spending $50 million on TV advertising to promote its image during the crisis. …..yes well maybe that €50 million could haven been better utilised – I’m sure those who have ruined businesses could have found a better use for it; maybe it could have been given to protection agencies who help the endangered wildlife too……but no, it’s spent on saying what good guys the oil people are.  Obama is also trying through the courts to impose the suspension of drilling below 500 feet (152.5 meters) to avoid another oil well blowout – BP’s leaking undersea well in the Gulf of Mexico has soiled the shores of every U.S. Gulf Coast state. But drillers like Hornbeck Offshore Services Inc. won a reprieve when U.S. District Court Judge Martin Feldman said the moratorium was too broad and arbitrary. This is a judgment clearly lacking in common sense but pleasing to the oil rich tycoons who can carry on “drilling & spilling”.

There is much hatred in the world; some countries detest the Americans. I believe these days are far scarier than the so called “cold war” era with the Soviet Union and the USA.  Now other factors are at work; we have the enemy within; people driven by religion and racism. It is questionable if we will actually see the post mortem results for Dr, Kelly in 70 years time. Maybe we will. But we are like the modern dinosaurs. As a race we are spent. We are the mutated ape.  There is something fundamentally flawed with a so called advanced and intelligent society that cannot promote integrity and protect innocent children, vulnerable adults and the environment in which it lives.  That’s why many would consider that the human race is in its final phase.