Why Women who Grew up as only Children are more Content Independent and Successful

Women who grow up as only children may end up being more contented, independent and successful.  There are a variety of reasons for this.  The following are some ideas for why this may occur for some women.

The parents will be able to devote all of the money to their daughter.

Raising children can be very expensive.  There are many things that you have to pay for, and every single ballet, gymnastics and swimming class can be pricey.  Every child compounds it.  A child that is an only child will therefore be able to have all of the funds directed solely at her, and this may afford her opportunities that children in multiple-children households might miss. 

For instance, maybe she will be able to take classes in all of the aforementioned things, and she ends up being successful in one of them.  Perhaps if she had had brothers and sisters, she would only have been able to take one of them and that wasn’t the one she was ultimately successful in.  She would have missed out in that way. 

Also, with more money, the parents might be able to afford to send her to better schools, which can also help her become more successful.  They may have been able to take her on more trips and given her more experiences, which would have also led to contentment, independence and success.  Also, they may not have been as stressed about money as they might have been with more kids, which again could lead to the aforementioned positive attributes.

The parents can shower all of their attention on the child.

The daughter in a single-child household will not need to compete with anyone for attention.  Therefore the parents would have the time to help her with her homework and focus solely on her, which could lead to more success in school.  They could go to all of her sports games without needing to worry about another child and read her all of the interesting books.  All of this attention could help her develop better and gain more confidence in herself and, therefore, success.

She is used to being on her own, and may therefore gain independence.

She never had to depend on a brother or sister, so the daughter in a single child home might learn more independence in this way.  This could translate through to adulthood. 

Because of the above reasons, a woman who grew up as an only child may be more content, independent, and successful.