Why Water has a Boiling Point of 100 Degrees Celcius

Water has a boiling point of 100 degrees Celsius because we set the scale for all temperatures. This also is true because water has very strong hydrogen bonds, which make the boiling point for water a lot higher. Water has pretty much been the basis of all of our meters from an ounce of liquid to an ounce of weight. We based our scale off of water because water has been the most important thing in the discoveries of science, cooking, and almost everything else in this world. Water has shown many interesting things that are unique to water alone such as the hydrogen bonds, they create many different things. The reason water boils at 100 degrees Celsius though is because we are the people that made the scale and if we wanted to we could have based the scale off of anything such as hydrogen, lead, mercury, americium, francium, iron, gold, silver, beryllium, magnesium, calcium, scandium, titanium, or any other element. I think that since our body is made mostly of water and humans have always been drawn to water that this is the reason we have made our scales to match amounts of water, boiling points of water, and all the other scales. since boiling points change with pressure though, water only boils at one hundred degrees if the circumstances are as needed. With a black smoker for example water does not boil when its around them even though they are well over one hundred degrees. They are found at the bottom of the ocean where pressure is a lot higher so since the pressure goes up, so does the boiling point. This makes it so that the boiling point of water at one hundred degrees is only true with 1atm pressure.
One hundred degrees Celsius is also not the only determining way to find temperature, there is also two other accepted ways. These two other ways are Fahrenheit and Kelvin. The boiling point at Fahrenheit is 212 Fahrenheit. This is not the most rounded number like one hundred which just goes to show that not all of the ways of telling temperature are directly related to water.
Kelvin is the accepted way of measuring temperatures with anything involving science because it starts with absolute zero where all matter does not move. This is the more logical way to measure temperature than with Celsius. This is a more logical way to measure temperature because this is related to the movement of matter not to the boiling point of a single chemical combination.