Why the End of the Rainbow can’t be Found the Beginning of the Rainbows End

All the stories of the rainbow’s end can be fun. Theories, interesting. Their explanations, a wonder. But the magic carries on. Truth is, whichever way they are seen, it is what you do not see, that is the most magical of all. That is why; you will never find the end. At least, not with the naked eye.

Everyone interested enough to learn about the play of light on the drop of water, should be interested enough to know, that, just as a drop of water is whole, so is a rainbow. It does not begin, or stop, at what seems to be ground level. But, the rays go through the earth in a complete circle. Only the outer arc is visible. Sometimes even this, is only seen partially in the sky, and does not appear to the eye, to reach the ground. Because the light is deflected in the eye’s vision, and is, out of sight.

To some, this may seem the most way off explanation ever heard of. However, think about the magical wonder of where the saying of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow’ began. It is normal for gold to be found, under the ground: not on top.

This beautiful spectrum of colors in light, are the Seven Rays we all know to form our pure White Light. And beyond each, on their different wavelengths, we come to the Black Light. Black, being the broad term, for, out of our sight. Yet like the rainbow, what cannot be seen, it does not mean
there are no Light Energies.

It is a known thing, that lightning imparts nitrogen into the ground. It is also known that this same lightning can have the deadly bite of electrocution. Even the innocent pot of gold, can be a destroyer, through greed. Yet gold is also known for its very high electrical conductive qualities. It sounds like we are getting off the track of this beautiful, elusive rainbow. Not so: it is just another tiny example of the energies we cannot see, just by looking with our naked eye. This is not intended to be a scientific lesson on all these things, but just a simple, child-like explanation. An example of how all things are linked, whether we can see it or not.

It is no different, to the fact that beyond the eye’s vision, is the energy called Black Light. To make this simple, at one end of the spectrum, are the fast, high, wavelengths beyond the violet end. Here, leads into X-Rays, and beyond. And the slow, low wavelength, are beyond the red. Here, leads into microwaves, radio waves, and beyond. I will not take it any further than that. I am simply trying to say, that even though the eye cannot see these light waves, they are loaded with different energies. Leading all the way into the Cosmos, of which we are also a part of the Whole.

Like the pot of gold, the deeper one digs, the more intriguing the story of the rainbow becomes. It was held in high esteem in the Old Testament days. History always has to have a time, and history always weaves its magic. Even the Kurds of today, some still, as in those days of old, carry the blood of the sons of Noah, and pass on the story by word of mouth, from father to son. It is the same, just as many indigenous peoples have done, and still do, with their own stories about the birth of Nature.

Just for a moment, see the rainbow in a fuller light. See the colors of the Seven Rays in Light. See a Full Circle, as if, even your eyes can see under the ground, the arc that reflects the other half of the arc you see in the sky. See it complete, instead of it stopping at ground level, and the same beautiful Circle of Light complete. Is that magic or what!

What good is that you ask? I will let you, if you are interested enough; enjoy your own magical ride on the Seven Rays. Moreover, while you are at it, look into the Light of each color’s wavelength. It’s the magic of the rainbow. A never-ending story to the never-ending link we ourselves have to the story of all Light. Seen and unseen. It is the energy we live by, which has a code of practice, and that is why like all energy, it has a negative and positive polarity. This Energy of the Rainbow, is just as if you never find the pot of gold, or, one never seems to find the end. Because its’ energy must and can only be used for good and peaceful purposes, otherwise it will bite like deadly lightning, the abuser. The Australian Aboriginal can tell you more about the power the Rainbow Serpent has!

So don’t forget this light within a drop of water. Without this, we would have nor rainbow. Together with the Light, we have it’s magic. Even how water too is a lethal, electrical, conductor. How much more light is found within the oceans! H2.O. The fire within is the light of Water. Hydrogen; the red light we see so often in the sun, blown in the solar winds as waves of hydrogen seas, which look like flames of fire.

How much more is light and water linked; even as the oceans rely on another polarized light called the moon, to hold it magnetically within its’ bounds, and work together with the tides. Even a rainbow over the sea, is the same, as in a drop of water. But like in the earth, it’s energies are absorbed and scattered.
So the story of a flood was born, ending with the Rainbow. A Covenant between man and his Creator. Trust the Creator of the Rainbow. You will not be sorry, and you cannot lose. Enjoy your search, and tell the world what you have found. Just as I am passing this along one big chain of events from the beginning of the Rainbow’s End. Just as all indigenous people pass on their version.