Why People are Afraid to help others

Why are people so afraid to help others these days? I don’t think that we have lost the instinct to help out our fellow man, I just think that we hear so many bad things about when people try to help another person out. There are plenty of things that can go wrong, and what if you help someone out, but they don’t want your help? I think people are more cautious these days to stay within the boundaries of their own lives, and not try to risk an incident by trying to help a stranger.

Have you ever given money to a homeless man? Do you know what he is probably going to do with it? I doubt that he is going to go get a suit, and go to a job interview. Unfortunately, the man is probably going to buy drugs, or harass more people for change along the way to the store. I hate to see homeless people suffering, but what exactly is my quarter going to do to help them?

Have you ever given money to a charity? While giving money to some charities is a good thing, like the United Way for example is a good charity to give to, some are just scams. After a big event like 9/11, or the Tsunami in Indonesia, fake charities sprung up as a way for con artists to get money from people who were trying to help those in need.

What about the reports of people helping elderly people across the street, only to get a ticket for jaywalking, or holding up traffic while doing so? Do you think those people really want to get that type of thank you again? I read articles all the time about people who are just trying to help out their fellow man, but get nothing but grief for it.

You never know when someone might spring a lawsuit at you either. Did you help that woman up after she fell, and maybe grabbed an area you shouldn’t have by accident? What about when you offer to help a lost child, and all of a sudden they start screaming, and you look like a child predator? You never know how others might perceive your actions, and sometimes a helping gesture can turn into something more in the eyes of bystanders.

People don’t like to help others these days because you never know how someone might take it. Sometimes you try to help someone, and you just end up getting in trouble for it. Others just don’t appreciate people who try to help them, and it becomes frustrating to try and help others when they don’t care that you went to the trouble of helping. I don’t think that people are adverse to helping others these days, just that it seems that good Samaritans can get a raw deal these days.