Why People Apply Bumper Stickers to Cars

It does not matter if you are walking, driving around, or riding on the bus. You are bound to run into cars with all sorts of bumper stickers.
One could ask: Why do people apply bumper stickers to their cars? There is no one absolute answer to that question. I myself do have bumper stickers applied to my car. My best friend has bumper stickers applied to his car.
One could say that bumper stickers are one of the best ways to advertise a product, promote a cause, or to generate much buzz.

Political Support:

There are many cars that I had passed by with all sorts of bumper stickers giving their support to one political candidate or another. During the 2004 United States
Presidential campaign, one could see a bumper sticker in support of George W. Bush or John Kerry. During the 2008 US Presidential Election, there were bumper stickers for Barack Obama, John McCain, and Sarah Palin.

Yes, there were bumper stickers with Palin’s name on it. There were plenty of bumper stickers that said “Sarah Palin for US President.”
In this respect, one is giving his/her support to a political candidate.

Promoting A Cause:

When you are promoting a cause, you want to get the message out. The most obvious way would be to buy ads. However, ads can be quite expensive in the long run. But, the costs are dramatically cut down through bumper stickers. All one needs to do is pass these bumper stickers around. You let the vehicles do the rest of the work. Bumper stickers are some of the best ways to get the message across. This is why various groups resort to bumper stickers to advocate and advance their causes.

By having a bumper sticker, you are supporting that respective cause. If you are in support for PETA, then you would have a PETA bumper sticker. If you are in support for Washington DC’s voting rights, you have a bumper sticker that says “Taxation Without Representation.”

If you support the troops, one would have a bumper sticker that says “Support our Troops.” If you are promoting something such as AIDS awareness, you wear the bumper sticker shaped like a red ribbon. If you are supporting breast cancer awareness, you wear a pink ribbon bumper sticker.

If you are an atheist, you would probably apply a bumper sticker saying “God Doesn’t Exist” or something else. If you are very religious, you would probably apply a bumper sticker about morals. In the case of California, there was the intense Proposition 8 campaign.
Proponents would apply bumper stickers saying “Vote Yes on 8.” Opponents would apply bumper stickers saying “Vote No on 8” or “No on Proposition Hate.”

In this respect, bumper stickers are easy ways of telling people what you support and do not support.
If you are promoting a cause, you would get bumper stickers made. This is pretty much one of the most required items you would need.


I have a friend that owns his own custom computer and computer repair business. Even though he does not have a bumper sticker, he has a paint job on the rear window of his SUV. It promotes his business. Bumper stickers can be a cost effective way to advertise. Many businesses have bumper stickers.

There are plenty of radio stations that have bumper stickers. It is not uncommon for radio stations to be giving away bumper stickers.

Humor or Anger:

You could give drivers a few laughs by applying bumper stickers with humorous quotes and slogans.
I always enjoy those things. Then again, you could anger other drivers by applying bumper stickers with offensive quotes and things.


If you are advocating safety, you could apply a bumper sticker that advocates it. You could apply a bumper sticker on traffic safety, workplace safety, and so forth.

When you sum everything together, there are many reasons someone would. From what I have seen, bumper stickers are quite effective.
Certain types of bumper stickers could be quite attracting to put on your car.