Why is there no Knew Einstein

Who says that there is no knew Einstein? Maybe there is nobody with the physical presence, the eyes that portray some mischievousness and a great sense of humour. If Albert Einstein were alive today, he would most assuredly be extremely impressed with the knowledge, understanding of math and physics, and how they all tie into the greater Universe that one ingenious man in a wheelchair has. Dr. Stephen Hawkins, dying of an incurable, devastating disease, Lou Gehrig’s Disease, or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), a motor-neuron disease with no known cause or cure.

Dr. Stephen Hawkins, an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, a theoretical physicist with more degrees than most people have friends, is generally accepted as the smartest person on the planet nowadays, and has been for over 20 years. There are others, like Bill Gates and Stephen Jobs, and many NASA and CDC scientists. Some geniuses are locked up behind military gates with no papers to publish and no other accolades than slaps on the back and forgettable government pay checks, but we don’t know about them, only the ones in the public eye.

Why would people infer that nobody has come along with the knowledge and understanding of how things work, how they work in tandem with other objects, and how they work in tandem with all of the powers in the Universe, with Gravity being the most responsible force for shaping the Universe? There have been scientists who have broken the human genome, making disease eradication a probability, no longer a possibility nor a pipe-shot dream. The DNA and RNA sequencing has been broken by separating over 3 Billion sets of 46 pairs of chromosomes. No easy task, even by Darwin’s, Michelangelo’s, Sir Isaac Newton’s and Galileo Galilei’s standards, but it has been done within the past 25 years, with many illnesses and diseases being cured by others.

Okay, maybe the earlier physicists, biologists, chemists and philosopher kings had less technology to work with. While working with crude instruments, at least to our present standards, over periods of decades of dedicated research, these elder day scientists came to logical conclusions of what the most likely cause, trigger and cause-effect scenarios, as in what caused the creation of the Universe, and what came first, matter or nothingness? Is it a coincidence that all of the major inventors and theorists in modern society, well, at least since the Roman empire, were also alchemists?

What once was regarded as the Devil’s worship by big religion, as they were afraid that the existence of God may just be proven to be theoretically impossible, the Church banned or killed all alchemists and physicists, philosophers who had followings, and pretty much anyone who either didn’t believe in their Religion or their God, or prayed to a different God. It wasn’t for Centuries until the Church turned to science to help bring back and increase their flocks.

Is there really no knew Einstein? Has nobody had a higher IQ than the gentleman scientist? Of course there has, they just haven’t died yet, and gained the cult-status that comes with lives of promise cut short, no matter what age. Has the invention of flight, with mankind actually flying through the wild blue wonder in magnificent flying machines, some at 2 times the speed of sound and faster not been rather important to mankind? The invention of the steam engine, which led to the gas turbine engine? The invention of electricity, capacitors and resistors?

Does Bill Gates count? He took a computer that was designed to pretty much play ping pong and made a multi-trillion dollar company (in total sales and shares). No, I think old Willie and his Windows Operating System are far behind the natural physicist of the Century. But then again, that was his Century, and this is one is ours.