Why is the Parrot Flower a Rarest Botanical Species ever seen

One of the rarest plant’s few have ever seen in the world of botany is the Parrot Flower (Impatiens psittacina) looks like a parrot. 1 The flower appears as an orchid but lacks the specific characteristics (three petals and three sepals).5 Impatiens psittacina first discovered in 1899 by British officer A.H. Hildebrand in Shan States of Upper Burma while working on a new boundary agreement between Thailand and Burma (than known as Slam). 2 A region in a small part of Thailand (near Chang Mai), Burma and one territory of eastern India the species is located. 1 In 1901 the plant was mentioned in the publication Curtis Botanical Journal Magazine, Tab 7809, and the discovered location. In the same publication, botanist Joseph Dalton Hooker described the unique features of the plant (After he stumbled upon the plant in India 1): “Cookatoo suspended by a a string from it’s shoulder”. “The Latin name Hooker chose, “psittacina “, fittingly means “parrot like”. 2 Botanist Hooker brought back the seeds of the plant to Royal Botanic Garden Kew in London, but was unsuccessful to reproduce the species after the first year, since the plant requires a specific pollinator. Confirmation of the plant’s existence is referenced in botanical books including Plants of India. 1

Flowers of the Parrot Plant blossom from October to November. The stem of the plant grows to an approximate height of 0.5 -1.5 centimeters (cm). “The leave is green and broad, the base is sharp pointed leaf”. The rim of the leaf appears 2 – 4 cm wide and 4 – 6 cm long. Leafs blossom into charismatic colors red, purple, dark red, and some pink color. “Set seedings in a pot 2 -3 cm to encourage the plant to open and grow place them wider 5 – 6 cm. .Recommended optimal fruititious time when the flowers of the plant can be transplanted through October 23. 3

Some reports on the Internet claim the Parrot Plant is a hoax, but many credible sources confirm the existence of the plant. According to a family who owns a plant nursery in Bangkok confirms existence of the flower, besides confirming the flower is not only in “blue” but also appears in a pink and yellow version. 5 Also, information regarding the plant is confirmed on the Website: ExoticRainforest.com 6

The Thailand government has banned the export of the Parrot plant and seeds because of the extreme rarity and probably to protect the endangered species. 4 “Thai law made it illegal to own, collect, or export plants or seeds”. 6 However if one was to obtain the seedling of the Parrot plant would realize as do rare plant collectors requires maintaining a constant humidity, temperature, soil condition (Known to grow in limestone soil with high pH level 5), and requires a specific insect or animal pollinator in order to reproduce or grow seeds year after year. 4

Consumes should be aware of bogus advertisements on the Internet for Parrot Plant seedlings and impatiens glandulifera or similar species (More than 1,300 impatiens species on record as of April 2008 according to International Plant Names Index.) which is not a Parrot Plant. 4

Available to join through Website called Tourdoi in Thailand tours to see the Parrot Plant in bloom in October and November each year. 7 “A check of internet records shows their website receives as many as 30,000 hits per week”. 8

A ‘You Tube” has visual picture of the Parrot Plant from Thailand with background music: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-2813482361328839977


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