Why do some People Complain about everything

If we lived in a perfect world, I’m sure there would be some who would find something to complain about, and since we don’t, we sure have our share of those who constantly complain about everything. These kinds of people are in their own prison, and it’s one that they created for themselves. It must be terribly lonely to not be able to accept life around them as it really is.

Most of us, know that nothing is perfect, and we accept it as a fact of life. The complainers on the other hand have a way of feeling short changed, and feel the need to vocalize their disenchantment with how things go. Typical of one who complains is the person who complains about things that we have no control over, and one example of what we would hear them say is, “Oh no, sky is getting dark, looks like its going to storm; that’s all I need.” 

Well, this is life, and to this person who can’t accept it, this storm that is approaching, will be the start of another round of complaints, all relative to what he or she feels deprived of as a result of this storm. A string of complaints can be triggered by any number of things that most of us simply accept.

Although a bank clearly states it’s hours of operation, the customer who missed closing time by two minutes, will allow the feeling of being a victim take over, and mutter something like, “why don’t they have longer hours.” Frustrated, leaves the bank parking lot, and will find anything and everything to moan about.

Its always about them, it is always something or other that just doesn’t measure up to what they feel is the way it should be. They just notice too much of what most of us simply pass off as an inconvenience, or not having a good day. It gets to their core, and if they don’t complain, it’s almost like an implosion of sorts.

An old friend of mine who never complained about anything, ended up marrying a woman who would start complaining the moment she woke up. This drove him to the edge at first, but as his love for her was all but lost, he turned it into a positive thing for himself. He thought that he shouldn’t be bothered with her problems, and totally detached himself for feeling any sympathy for her.

After a while, he would find it comical to listen to her gripes, as well as just letting it go in one ear and out the other. Since she worked and was paying half the bills, he felt it more to his advantage to stay with her. He said it just feels so good to just walk out of a room, leaving her to talk the walls as he hums his favorite tune walking away.

Perhaps a little uncaring on his part, but he is still with her, and if you haven’t guessed, she found one more thing to add to her constant complaining, and its about how little attention he pays to her when she complains. Like anything, once you start, the easier it becomes, and then it becomes an addiction. Complaining is the non-chemical drug of choice for those unsatisfied with everything in life.