Why do People Procrastinate Procrastinationtime Managementfear and Anxietylack of Concentration

Procrastination lives in all of us. I would say it’s logical and it’s human nature. Some people might think it’s laziness, but there’s more to it than that, procrastination is defined as the avoidance of doing a project or a task that might be accomplished.People procrastinate when their time management is weak. When they are accustomed to one way of living and they are not well organized. Also one might have difficulty concentrating due to lack of interest. Most of al,l people procrastinate when they are overwhelmed with fear and anxiety;which can conquer their mind set; which leads them into procrastination.

I. Time management is the key to prevent one from procrastinating.

It should be used on a daily basis. Some people are not quite organized; this is why they might be constantly late. They might need a planner or an organizer, in order for them to get to work on time, or finish an assignment on a designated time. In times like this one starts to procrastinate and leave an assignment for the last moment, while if one had organized their time, one would have had time to fix any mistakes possible. At a job interview time, is extremely important because one would like to make a good impression by arriving on time; in this case one would have to set up clothing to be worn on the job interview the night before in order for them to arrive on time.

II. Concentration is crucial especially when one is at work.

Some people tend to have difficulty concentrating, and it can be very stressful. This is because their task at work might not be that interesting, or they might not like what they do. These are the barriers that people might put towards the reason why they do not concentrate at work. This is when the procrastination begins. One starts feeling less interested at work. They feel as though their body is there but their mind isn’t, it slows them down and it might be because they are thinking about personal problems.

III. Fear and anxiety are two important words that everyone should prevent from feeling

Some people procrastinate when they’re up against the task of making important phone calls that might change the way things are going in a good way.One tries to avoid important tasks because they fear that maybe they’re not going to be good enough or they might be afraid of how the person might react. Instead they loose out on a great opportunity just because of fear, and they sit back and let opportunities fly back and forth without doing anything about it.Some people also tend to make big plans in their mind, but most of them never seem to carry it out. They avoid them with fear that their plans will not work out.


People procrastinate when they are faced against tasks that one might say are not that interested in or they might just be plain boring. This is just a sorry excuse for not being able to face the task. One might procrastinate when one does not manage their time or when one does not concentrate. Most of all people procrastinate when they have fear and anxiety to do certain tasks because they are worried that they might not be good enough Or they are just use to a certain way of living without paying any bills and most of all without working. The key in handling procrastination is taking action. Procrastinating is simply a delay in someone’s life, a slight pause that if not dealt with, can lead into something much more serious which will prevent one from succeeding. One must identify what they are putting off and then address it. Therefore, one should have a positive outlook in order to succeed.