Why do People get Stressed

Living a stress free life starts from your disposition in life. Life gives back to you what you give to it. It is like a mirror that shows you your reflection without any form of distortion.

We need to understand the important things in life. We are so occupied and our senses are so choked up that we ignore the essence of life.

We need to spend more time with nature for us to be in tranquility with it. A little gesture like a good morning greetings could lighten up your mood for the whole day.

Whatever we want, we need to give it out for us to have it. If you want happiness make someone happy. If you want peace, make peace with someone. We need to understand how the force of creation works, for us to relief stress.

We are perfectly made, we have been equipped with everything we need to live a fulfilling life. What it takes is for us look inward unto the self, spend more time with the self and develop our individual passion.

Don’t allow any situation to weigh you down, don’t ever think about a problem because this is a waste of time always think of the solution.

You are the driver of the car of your life, don’t allow people to influence you negatively. Don’t live someone else’s life, live your own life, believe in yourself. Be 100% sure of anything you want, don’t depend so much on people because they will surely let your down. Don’t dwell on the past, always think about how to make the present better and how to improve the future. Learn from the past and prevent future occurrence of any terrible event (if it is within your control). Don’t be an addict, don’t let your life motive and actions be tied to anything or anybody.

Your survival shouldn’t depend on drugs and alcohol, take control of your life.

Any impression that comes into your conscious mind is like a seed, you can choose to let the impression germinate, by letting your mind be a fertile ground. When you give it attention by meditating on it, you have provided an enabling condition for the impression to germinate, thereby influencing your behavior.

You can also rebuke it by making your mind to be a concrete floor, and the seed will rot away, when there is no means for it to germinate.

Any impression can be sent to you, it is either you accept it, or you reject it. The decision is yours, no one can make this decision for you.

It is left for you to disregard a negative impression, and accept a positive and upgrading impression. We have to screen whatever impression that is coming into our mind, these impressions comes into the mind through the sense organs. Some group of people that are familiar with this laws, always find a way of capturing the mind of others by brainwashing them, through this they take over the mind from the self (who is the true controller of the mind).

In the mind lies the true sanctuary, there is need for us to safeguard it with all our might. If it is lost, the whole being will surfer for it.

Some of us that are ignorant of these psychological factors which cause stress, are more prone to stress than those of us that are familiar with them, and that always strive to resolve this psychological turmoil.