Why are the Honeybees Vanishing

There is a decline in honeybee populations in the United States. There are a few reasons why the honeybees are vanishing and some of these reasons include chemicals, radiation and global warming. Some other reasons include viruses, mites and fungi. Because the honeybees are vanishing, it is causing a severe environmental imbalance. This imbalance leads to problems with the food supply. In the 1600s, these honeybees were introduced to North America from Europe. These honeybees became really important to America because they were used to produce honey and pollinate crops. This is starting to become a real problem in America now.

With the large decline of the honeybee populations, scientists call this major problem the colony collapse disorder. Pesticides are blamed for the problem. The honeybees ingest these harmful chemicals when they are pollinating. Cell phones and wireless communication towers produce radiation in the atmosphere. This causes electromagnetic radiation. This interferes with the honeybees ability to navigate and move. This problem prevents the honeybees from returning to their hives. Scientists have proved this by placing a mobile phone near the hive. Viruses and fungi become more common due to global warming. These viruses and fungi take over the hives. The severe change in the seasonal weather patterns are being blamed as well.

Many scientists agree that is is not only one thing to blame, but it is a combination of factors that are leading to the decline of the honeybee populations. Many of the scientists believe that it will take a lot of money to fix this problem. There are many easy ways that each individual can take part in saving these honeybees. One way is to use natural insecticides and herbal insecticides that will not cause harm to the environment or the honeybees.

Many scientists are still searching for the main cause that are causing these honeybees to disappear. It is truly a major concern in the United States today. There has to be a solution to this problem and scientists continue to work on finding one. Honeybees play a very important role in the balance of nature. They help to pollinate crops that are produced for food. Without them food will start to decline as well. Commercial food production businesses rely heavily on honeybee pollination to produce their crops to be sold on the market. This is a real problem that needs a lot of attention.