Why are some People Smarter than Othersbarring any Mental Illnesses

In my definition, “smart” and “intelligent” are two completely different terms. Intelligence is more genetic than anything; intelligence is a potential. “Smarts” are more a manner and ability to think in a way that enables you to learn. While they are interconnected (a higher intelligence enables the potential to be smarter) they are not remotely the same thing.
An intelligent person, as previously stated, has a greater potential to learn more and more easily. This is based mainly on genetic factors. This includes an inherent ability to comprehend easily and to reason and understand. There is not, however, necessarily any particular method to an intelligent person’s ability. Without practice and mental exercise, however, intelligence has very little bearing on how much a person knows.
Smarts, on the other hand, are an established method of processing and classifying information. If a person can discover their preferred method of learning, information can be manipulated to fit their style. While intelligent people have an advantage, all people have the potential to be smart, provided they practice their learning style on a regular basis.
The ability to learn, like most other habits, is established early in life. Children who are encouraged to read and exercise their mind at an early age show greater ability in retaining information and applying it to daily situations. They also display the desire to learn new things, which plays a critical role in learning as an adult.
While good learning habits can be learned later in life, it is far more difficult. Think of it this way: a child’s mind is like a sponge. Since most social and personal habits are established as a child, it is necessary for children to retain information more easily. By adulthood, all patterns of behavior have been established, so adults no longer need to retain information in such mass quantity. Through massive repetition and constant practice, however, it is possible for adults to affect their ability to learn.
Essentially, it boils down to good habits and repetition. Smart people have an established style of learning that works well for them; keep in mind that one method does not work for everyone. Smart people understand how they learn best and play to their own strengths. They exercise their mind on a regular basis and push their previously established limits.