Why Airliners Close Encounters with Ufos are not Made Public

Would you consider booking a plane ticket with a specific company if you saw that one of their airliners had nearly suffered a head-on collision in mid-air with an Unidentified Flying Object? I think not, much like any cover-up involving UFO’s, it all boils down to the money factor, to the capital factor and to the profit factor.

The Roswell Incident on July 7, 1947, garnished much acclaim, conspiracy theories and attention; knowing this, this attracted both popular tourism to see the legendary UFO site and record stories and theories regarding it. Profit was high and the income for the US Military and those involved in the most infamous cover-up in modern day history were fat, happy and wealthy. However, this was back when air travel was not as common and popular as it was today, when war was on the brink and when the skies were often kept solely for cargo and air scouts and country-to-country travel was often too expensive for the middle-class working man, solely for the rich man and the importance.

Nowadays however when the airline companies are constantly prospering in multi-billion dollar a year profits, they are sending out planes on a daily basis for tourism, taking in millions upon millions of capital daily from those tourists, as well as attempting to keep as much of that capital as possible in order to fund their flights, pay their staff and keep their tourists happy, again, it is all down to the money factor.

Now; with the popularity of the modern day flight industry in today’s society, with the millions of people using flight services in the year, if a near head-on collision with a UFO was made public to the world, was being followed by the media and news outlets, what would this do to the specific airline company involved? There would most likely be an investigation launched, meaning their airlines would be closed until the investigation concluded, leaving thousands of tourists having to use another service. This would cost the airline company involved thousands, maybe millions in profit, and when the time comes to re-open the airline service, what would happen next? They would have an ‘infamous’ reputation for the incident, people would be put off from flying with them, and they would be labeled dangerous and insecure, losing them even more profit and losing them even more custom.

While this would be unlikely to drive them out of business, there would certainly be less dollar bills going into their pocket and less money coming in for the company, staff would have to be laid off, mass advertising campaigns would be launched just to attempt to bring in more custom, and while tourism to the specific station would be a high, tourism using their planes would be down due to the theory.

Everything works down to the money factor. If there is a chance they will lose profit then they will not state it to the global public. Chances are there may only be the driver who notices it, and even if he states openly that he had an experience, he would be met with the response along the lines of “Hundreds of tourists and members of staff on the plane and you are the only one who saw it? Yeah, right”, from the skeptical public; and why this would likely spark off a small media and news outlet report, it would quickly be forgotten and life would go on as normal.

No matter the subject regarding UFO sightings; they WILL cover it up, they WILL hide it if there is a chance, even a small chance, that the company will lose money.