Which of Todays Animals Lived Alongside Dinosaurs

Many grew up watching the the classic cartoon “Flintstones.” Even though “Flintstones” was an imaginative children’s show, some evolutionists must have cringed to see humans frolicking with pre-historic giant reptiles that supposedly disappeared long before mankind came into being.

The Bible gives us some insight about the origins of dinosaurs. Genesis tells us that God created all kinds of animals on Day Six of Creation. Not only did dinosaurs co-exist with all modern day animals, but the dinosaur also co-existed with mankind.

Does the Bible specifically mention the word “dinosaur”? No. The Bible gives details about large mysterious creatures, but the term “dinosaur” is not used, as this term originated in the mid-1840’s and was coined by a man named Richard Owen.

In Job Chapter 40, God reminds Job of His most majestic land animal, the Behemoth. In this account, the writer shares that the Behemoth’s tail swayed “like a cedar.” In reading the entire account, it is quite possible that Job is describing the giant plant eating sauropod. People argue that Job is referring to the elephant, but can anyone honestly argue that an elephant’s tail sways like a cedar tree?

A number of possible dinosaur legends have been passed down from ancient cultures. One story tells of a wannabe hero, Gilgamesh. While on a mission to secure large cedars for his village, he discovered a large dragon who feasted on trees and other vegetation. The animal’s size and large set of teeth stirred fear in the heart of all who witnessed it. The legend simply states that Gilgamesh killed the beast and cut off it head for a trophy. One might argue, this account is only legendary, but many legends have a basis in truth.

Cave dwellers have left a clear documentary record of their life’s activity. Images of buffalo, horses, and deer have been discovered showing us that these animals were cohabiting with humans at the same time. Evolutionists argue that the animal drawings are of real creatures that lived with these ancient peoples; however, when they examine drawings of dinosaurs in these same caves, they state these are mythical creatures. Why? Because these art depictions do not fit into their very biased belief systems.

So, the question must be asked, where are dinosaurs today? Dinosaurs survived the worldwide flood of Noah’s day, for two of each kind of animal rode out the flood’s wrath. Due to post-flood environmental changes, it was more difficult for the great reptiles to survive. According to the website Answers in Genesis, dinosaurs eventually became extinct for the same basic reasons that other animals have gone extinct in modern times. Animals go extinct because of environmental changes and human destruction. Had PETA existed they would have had a field day. Many dinosaurs were probably killed by people for meat, fame, or self-defense.

With all that is taught in today’s science textbooks, it becomes difficult to distinguish fact from fiction. We must decide upon which foundation we will put our trust. Will we choose to trust in man and science which are fallible, or in the Word of God which is not? The good news is that we don’t have to worry about running into a T-Rex on our next stroll in the park. For that, we should all cheer a jovial, “Yabba Dabba Doo!”