Which Diseases can you get a Vaccination for now that you couldn’t many Years before

Diseases prevented by vaccines number quite a few now then they did years ago. My article here, will give you a listing of which diseases are preventable through getting a vaccine.

There is now a chickenpox vaccine. Chickenpox has been a very common contagious childhood illness for many years. The varicella vaccine is very protective against chickenpox.

Diptheria vaccines have been available for quite a number of years now. The vaccine side effects can cause a fever and some children have had febrile seizures. If these seizures occur, children can recover pretty quickly though it looks scary.

Both hepatitis A and B types now have vaccines. Hepatitis A is very serious and can damage the liver. Anyone who is traveling about should receive this vaccine for protection. This vaccine can be given to anyone 12 months of age and older. Hepatitis B is more of an illness that has a short term. You should also get the Hepatitis B vaccine if you are traveling around. Hepatitis B can have serious consequences such as liver cancer development, and HBV infection.

They now have a vaccine against HPV, the Human Papillomavirus. This virus has about 40 types. It has been known to cause many deaths. Doctors can give the vaccines to girls aged 9 and older. If a female already has HPV, the vaccine will not do any good.

There is now also a Shingles (Herpes-Zoster) vaccine. This vaccine was approved and on the market in 2006. There can be various side effects to this vaccine, so before getting it, you need to consult with your doctor about it as with any vaccine.

They can now vaccinate against meningitis that is of a bacterial nature. This vaccine has proven to work very well in preventing this potentially fatal illness.

Rotavirus now has a vaccine. Babies can get this at age 2 months. This virus is very serious and causes severe diarrhea. This virus is spread through contact with other children. It is probably a good idea to get your baby this vaccine to prevent the serious side effects due to Rotavirus.

Pneumonia vaccines can also be given for some years now. This vaccine is a good idea if you are prone to illnesses of the lungs.

Of course polio vaccines are still out there and prevent that condition as well.

The newest information I have heard now, is that they are putting out a vaccine for Swine Flu. Check to see if your doctor has this available yet. I have a feeling they may run short on this.

As with any vaccine, talk to your doctor who knows your whole health history. He or she will know best if getting a vaccine for certain ailments for you or your baby are in the best interests.