Which are Deadlier Hurricanes or Tornadoes – Hurricanes

Living on the gulf coast, I’ve seen so many major Hurricanes, Camille in 1969, Fredrick in 1979, Ivan in 2004 and Katrina in 2005 to name some of the deadliest, I’ve also seen my share of tornadoes that are sprung off these hurricanes

When an area comes into a hurricane watch, which means your area is in the target path. They call it a watch because hurricanes can change course and not affect you. But once you’re in a watch you have several days to get prepared. Stock up on food, water, batteries, flashlights, medications, and all your needs for a couple of days, Once your area is in the Hurricane warning, which means your area will be affected by the hurricane, It can take days for your area to be assessed for damages, powers off, power lines are down, debris everywhere which makes it impossible for police, paramedics or firemen to get to you.

Hurricane’s that come through at night can be the deadliest. Because powers off, its so dark outside and all you can hear is the hard gush of winds pounding the outer walls of your home, heavy rain, and things falling, and not knowing whats happening to the outside of your property has caused people to step outside to end up getting hit by flying debris, knocked down by strong winds making it almost impossible to get back on your feet. Things like this, has gotten many people killed. Also the calm of the storm has killed so many people, that’s when the eye is passing over, the wind quits blowing, and people think the hurricane’s passed and go outside only to have the winds start up again from the opposite direction with the fierce whipping winds and rain.

Most deaths by Hurricanes are caused by people not listening to authorities, some have remained in their mobile homes which get knocked over by strong winds, some stay in low line flood area’s and end up getting drown, while others venture out before the storms passed over to get killed by flying debris.

The after math of Hurricanes kill so many people too, climbing up tree’s to cut off hanging limbs, site seeing, walking over falling power lines.
Some elderly people have had heart attacks, or strokes brought on by their fear of being in one of these huge terrifying storms.
Strong winds have taken roofs off homes, tree’s falling into homes, mudslides, all contribute to deaths. Hurricanes just like tornado’s can lift a house up and move it to the other side of a street. Or level them. After Katrina hit, you could see shrimp boats, yachts, a whole grave yard of boats tossed ashore like they were little pebbles of sand.

Hurricane’s are more dangerous then tornado’s and cover more area. Camille, Fredrick, Ivan and Katrina, didn’t just ruin one area, they damaged the whole gulf coast, From Louisiana to the pan handle of Florida, taking property and lives with them, destroying the city of New Orleans and everything in their path, unlike tornado’s that can jump around hit and miss along its path.